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Paul Cavel


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Paul Cavel is the founder of Tao Meditation Arts, a London-based school established to teach the philosophy and Eastern practices of qi gong, tai chi, bagua, yoga, qi gong tui na energy healing and meditation. Known for their powers of health rejuvenation and longevity, these ancient practises have been taught and practised for millennia in China. Benefits of Tao Arts include the increase of interstitial fluids in the body, thereby bringing about a feeling of greater vitality and more youthful appearance.

In 1995 Paul began offering an integrated programme of health, fitness and stress-management solutions to help people relax, exercise, heal and revitalise their mind-body-energy. He is a member of the prestigious Sports Massage Association (Level 4) and holds an ITEC certification in soft tissue and injury therapy.


Professional organisations and noteworthy accreditations:

  • Sports Massage Association (SMA), Level 4
  • Tai Chi Union of Great Britain (TCUGB), Senior Instructor Level
  • Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)
  • Senior Instructor of Taoist Master Bruce Frantzis since 2004
  • Editor of the Tao Journal

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        Learn Dragon and Tiger Medical Qi Gong

        Dragon and Tiger Qi Gong originates from China and has been practised for 1,500 years by millions of people to tune into and learn to manipulate the etheric energy with the hands during movement. This medical qi gong system has seven movements, which take a little bit of effort to learn, but even when executed poorly, they can have a powerful impact on your ability to feel qi, improve health and vitality.

        Cultivate Energy for Health and Healing Dragon + Tiger Medical Qi Gong in London

        Dragon + Tiger Medical Qi Gong in London with Paul Cavel

        Energy Arts Senior Teacher Paul Cavel
        1 & 2 Leeds Place
        Tollington Park
        Islington, London N4 3RF

        Saturdays, 11 am-5:30 pm
        (1.5-hour lunch, eat in or out)
        Beginners track offered in every course!

        Attend any one off or series of course(s):

        • 17 January 2015
        • 21 February 2015
        • 21 March 2015
        • 18 April 2015
        • 13 June 2015
        • 8 August 2015
        • 19 September 2015
        • 7 November 2015
        • 5 December 2015

        The focus of Saturday courses is Dragon and Tiger Medical Qi Gong for health and healing. Supporting warm-ups, stretching and energy exercises will also be presented to offer you complete and balanced mind-body training.

        Immune Defence

        Dragon and Tiger is a deep and highly effective medical qi gong system that emphasises the development of wei qi (layer of energy just below the skin) and the etheric field (also known as the “aura”) — two very important layers of the immune system involved with defence against would-be foreign invaders. Regular practice of Dragon and Tiger dredges up and eliminates stagnant qi (energy) and toxins, and reinvigorates your internal organs, which lie at the heart of vitality and well-being.

        Foundational Mind-Body Training

        Dragon and Tiger Qi Gong lies at the very foundation of our system and is where Paul recommends all new students start their training. He considers it an essential practice because medical qi gong principles that release negative and bound energy can be carried into all other nei gong, tai chi and bagua practices, and yet have the potential to become very powerful by themselves.

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        +44 (0)7411 418 018

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