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March 4th, 2010 by About Face

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Advanced Electrolysis [aka Advanced Cosmetic Procedures] involves using electrolysis to remove fibrous and vascular skin blemishes such as red veins, spider veins, blood spots, skin tags, warts, seborrhoeic warts, milia [whiteheads], pigmentation patches and many other marks or lumps and bumps on the skin.

Advanced Electrolysis is very often overlooked as its name doesn’t really convey the nature of the treatment. It is now commonly being called Advanced Cosmetic Procedures in an attempt to show it doesn’t refer to hair growth but to the removal of common skin growths and imperfections. Many people, including doctors, do not realise the range of blemishes that can be removed by the electrolysist. Most believe that only a dermatologist can remove them. Many individuals are alarmed when they see an unusual growth and find it far less frightening to ask their electrolysist for advice first.

The demand for these procedures is very high as the medical profession is not only too busy but also very reluctant to do anything about benign lesions. They are seen purely as a cosmetic problem regardless of the psychological effect on the person having the unsightly marks, lumps and bumps on their skin.

Here is a more detailed description of some of the blemishes that can be easily and safely removed with Advanced Electrolysis:

TELANGIECTASIA: Dilated capillaries (thread veins)

SPIDER NAEVUS: Centrally dilated blood vessel with smaller capillaries radiating from it like spiders legs.

CHERRY ANGIOMA: Also known as Blood spots or Blood moles, Campbell de Morgan spots and Haemangioma, more commonly found on the torso but can occur anywhere.

SKIN TAGS: Also known as Filiform warts or Fibro-Epithelial Polyps, are pedunculated (on a stalk). These are frequently found in areas of friction especially on the neck, underarms and below the breast.

PLANE WARTS: i.e.flat warts. Commonly found on neck, décolleté, backs of hands and around the knees.

VIRAL WARTS: Verruca Vulgaris commonly found around the nails and on the hands are caused by the HPV virus. The Plantar wart found on the feet known as a verruca is the same as a wart on the hand but growing inwards due to the pressure of the weight of the body on the feet.

SEBORRHOEIC KERATOSIS; Basal Cell Papillomas sometimes called warts. These occur with age and most people over the age of 50 have at least one. Commonly found on the face, torso, and arms. They vary tremendously in size and colour.

MILIA: These are sometimes known as whiteheads and are pearly white rounded lumps on cheeks and around eyes and eyelids.

SEBACEOUS HYPERPLASIA; Blocked sebaceous gland occurring from adolescence onwards commonly found on the face.

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