Product spotlight: Silk Fibre Brow Enhancer

October 21st, 2014

Product spotlight: Silk Fibre Brow EnhancerWe take a closer look at a new product that claims to give you ‘eyebrows in a bottle’.

As most of us are now well aware, thicker, fuller eyebrows are all the rage at the moment. This may be great news for those with naturally bushy brows, but what about those of us who used to be a little over-enthusiastic with the tweezers?

Thankfully, there are plenty of products to help you fake it, from eyebrow pencils to powders. The latest creation to help fake the appearance of thicker brows is a revolutionary powder called Silk Fibre Enhancer. This powder contains hundreds of tiny fibres that mimic real hair.

The fibres are made from nylon and come in four different shades. The way the product works is by clinging onto the existing hair or skin, thickening up sparse brows and offering a more natural look than other powders/pencils.

What sets this product apart is the fact that you don’t need any hairs at all for it to work. This means that those with no hair (for example those with alopecia or undergoing cancer treatment) can use it to create eyebrows.

The fibres are suspended in a very fine powder which is waterproof and lasts up to 12 hours. It can be applied every day and washes off just like regular make up.

Fibre Brow Enhancer was launched in Australia last year and is already a best-seller. This reaction is expected here in the UK when it launches later on this month at £19.99 per 4g bottle (around 120 applications).

If you are struggling to tame your brows, you may find it helpful to see a professional. Take a look at your options on our eyes and brows page.

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Save space and cash with 2-in-1 beauty products

October 17th, 2014

Save space and cash with 2-in-1 beauty products This season it’s all about budget beauty and stocking up on versatile products.  

Let’s kick-off with a nosey question: How many items of make-up do you own?

If you’re a keen beauty enthusiast you’re probably always stocking up on the latest must-have lipsticks and seasonal hues, but this could mean you spend ages getting ready because you have to wade through your overflowing make-up kit.

If this is you then it could be time to start investing in 2-in-1 make-up products, which will save not only space and time, but also hard earned cash.

So allow us to introduce you to the beauty products that have taken multitasking to a whole new level:

Clever concealing – Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer 

This high definition foundation cum concealer is just the ticket to smooth, picture-perfect skin. With a built-in spatula, Stila’s unique foundation brush and a mini mirror, wherever you are this is the go-to product for easy application.

Eye opener – Eyeko Me & My Shadow 

As Alexa Chung’s go-to eye make-up product, this little gem from Eyeko features an easy to use waterproof eyeliner pen and eyeshadow that twists up in one swift movement. It is the perfect product for travelling – especially as the formula is crease-resistant and super easy to blend. Available to buy in three sultry colours.

Pucker up perfect – Yves St Laurent Kiss and Blush Lip & Cheek Stain 

This delicious-looking air whipped formula for lips and cheeks provides a silky, luminous touch of colour that oozes sophistication and glamour. Using the dainty applicator, all you need to do is dot lightly on lips and cheeks and blend to create a soft, matte sheen. With 12 colour-pop shades, you can mix and match to your heart’s desire.

Handy helper - Lanolips Antibacterial Hand Cream 

This savvy cream is infused with super-moisturising hints of aloe vera and lanolin, as well as an antibacterial ‘liquid glove’ that instantly kills 99.9% of bacteria! This is the perfect travel-sized companion for super smooth hands protected from the elements. 

Creative compact – Aerin’s Kaleidolight Palette

This beautiful compact has everything you need for an instant make-over. Featuring five light-enhancing shades including bronze, pink and lavender, you can touch up your eyes and cheeks in a simple sweep of colour.

If you want the perfect make-up look for an upcoming event or celebration, we recommend booking in a professional make-over with a local make-up artist for flawless coverage and exceptional contouring. To find out more about this service, please see our professional make-up page. 

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Switch your scent for autumn

October 15th, 2014

Indulge in richer, headier fragrances this season.

When autumn comes around most of us take the opportunity to change up our wardrobes and our make-up pallet, but one area that often gets overlooked is our fragrance.

Warm weather calls for fresh, light scents and us girls tend to favour citrus or floral perfumes over summer. When the seasons change however, we become enticed by the dark side. This year autumn fragrances are full of depth, taking inspiration from the earthly elements. Take a look at the following new releases for inspiration:

Mojave Ghost by Byredo Parfums Mojave Ghost by Byredo Parfums (£88 for 50ml)

This scent was inspired by the ghost flower, a flower that blooms in spite of extreme conditions in America’s Mojave Desert. Top notes of Jamaican nesberry and amberette give way to middle notes of sandalwood and magnolia before revealing a base of amber and cedar wood.

Reveal by Calvin Klein (£52 for 50ml)

A woody scent contrasted against a salt note, Reveal aims to replicate the scent of the skin. Pink, white and black pepper make up the top notes with cashmeran woods and musk undertones.

Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez (£58 for 50ml)Wood Sage & Sea Salt by Jo Malone London

Created with the aim of tapping into a woman’s sensuality, Narciso transformed the traditionally masculine vetiver into something truly feminine. The scent comprises of delicate rose and gardenia top notes, a heart of musk and a strong cedar base.

Wood Sage & Sea Salt by Jo Malone London (£40 for 30ml)

An English brand through and through, Jo Malone looked to the British coastline when designing its Wood Sage & Sea Salt fragrance. Bringing images of a rugged coastline and salty sea-air, this scent combines sage, sea salt and sage with punchier notes of grapefruit and red algae.

What scents will you be wearing this autumn? Let us know on Facebook or give us a tweet.

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Go matte for autumn

October 10th, 2014
Matte Revolution - Walk of Shame

Matte Revolution – Walk of Shame

This season lip colour is bold, beautiful and matte. Keep reading to find out how you can work this trend in three easy steps.

In a stark turnaround from summer’s aficionado with sheer, glossy lips, this season is all about a matte lip. Matte formulas are packed full of pigment, meaning you’ll have a bolder colour that will last longer.

The only problem with matte formulas is that they tend to be quite drying. Combine this with bracing winds and central heating, and you have a recipe for disaster. So how can you pull off the latest lip trend without looking a chapped mess?

1. Prime your lips

Putting matte lipstick onto already dehydrated lips will only highlight any dry patches. To ensure your lips are in tip-top condition, give them a bit of TLC before applying your colour. Start with a lip scrub (you can make your own by mixing sugar and Vaseline) and then use a dedicated lip primer (lip balms contain oils that can break down the pigments in lipstick).

Try: Mac prep + prime lip (£13)

2. Choose a moisturising, matte formula

A lot of the newer matte lipsticks have been injected with moisturising agents, to hydrate the lips while still offering rich colour. If you are wary of trying a fully matte formula, try one that has a slight sheen for a nice compromise.

Try: Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution range (£23)

3. Layer up

Help your colour last all day by layering up the colour and blotting in between. Start by applying a lip liner and filling the lips with pencil before applying your first layer of lipstick. Then blot and reapply until you have the colour you’re happy with. To set the look, try applying a slight dusting of translucent powder.

To get a lesson from the professionals, use our advanced search.

Simple steps to natural, glowing skin

October 8th, 2014

Simple steps to natural, glowing skinLooking after your skin can be easy! Yes, easy! 

The skin is the body’s largest organ and it is a pretty tough cookie – working hard on a 24-hour basis to keep us protected and healthy.

Not only does the skin prevent microbes, water and all kinds of dirt from entering our bodies, it helps to regulate body temperate and uses the sun to create the energy-boosting vitamin D.

Looking after your skin is therefore vital for making sure it keeps up the good work. Below we have the four simple steps to natural, glowing skin.


Are you guilty of skipping cleansing morning and night? If yes, do you realise you are increasing your chances of getting spots and blemishes? Everyday dirt, our make-up and lotions can clog pores but cleansing regulalrly helps to eliminate bacteria.

For a gentle cleansing lotion that suits all skin types, try the Body Shop’s Vitamin E Cream Cleanser.


So many people forget to do this, but exfoliating your body and face has numerous benefits for your skin. These include:

  • Improved texture.
  • Evened out skin tone.
  • Helps to fight signs of ageing.
  • Prevents breakouts.
  • Makes it easier to shave and keeps your tan glowing.

Clinique’s famous Seven-day Scrub is designed for all skin types and leaves a soft base to apply make-up.


Oils and serums can do wonders for your skin – particularly dry complexions. Although people with oily skin tend to avoid greasy skincare products, oils and serums made from natural and organic extracts feed the fat layer of your skin without clogging pores.

It may be pricey, but Clinique’s Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum works wonders to reduce the appearance of spots while nourishing the skin.


Your skin is a window into your body’s health, so feeding it well will help keep it looking radiant. Lots of sugar is considered a culprit of bad skin, but as with anything – too much of one thing never does us any good. Aim for a balanced diet of protein (fish, nuts, meat) and lots of vegetables and fruit alongside complex carbohydrates. Drinking water rather than fizzy drinks will also help to flush out toxins.

For a fruity twist, try Vita Coco’s 100% Pure Coconut Water.

Booking yourself in for a facial is one of the best ways to achieve a glowing and radiant complexion – whatever your skin type! To find out more about facial treatments, please see our facials page. 

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Best beauty buys for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 2nd, 2014

October marks a special month in the breast cancer charity calendar, and you can join the cause by indulging your love of all things beauty.

Is there really anything better than being able to donate to charity while making a fabulous beauty purchase?

If you’re looking for the next best beauty buy or an extra special birthday gift idea, below we have an exciting list of some of the brands joining forces with national charities to raise money and awareness for the breast cancer cause. Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 15.56.21

Elemis – Think Pink Beauty Kit

Elemis has been an avid supporter of the charity, Breast Cancer Care for the past eight years and in 2014 they have pledged to donate £10,000 through sales of the Think Pink Beauty Kit. Featuring the award-winning Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, this beautiful limited edition package is a must-have!

Avon – UltraScreen Shot 2014-10-01 at 14.44.52 Glazewear Lip Gloss

Fancy a new lip gloss? Well look no further than Avon’s Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss in Pink Watermelon. This month, Avon will donate £1 to Breakthrough Breast for every gloss sold, and better yet they have reduced the price from £6.50 to a cheap and cheerful £3.50! Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 15.52.45

Aromatherapy Associates – Inner Strength Candle 

Aromatherapy Associates founder, Geraldine Howard created the Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil while undergoing treatment for cancer. This year she has used the fantastic calming and uplifting combination of frankincense and cardamon in AA’s Inner Strength candle. With every candle sold, 10% of proceeds will be donated to Defence Against Cancer to help raise money for cancer treatment.

Champneys – Distant Shores Body Butter

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 15.41.42Champneys Distant Shores collection features a dry body oil, shower mousse and body scrub, but we have fallen in love with the luxurious body butter. With a tropical, zesty blend of cedar wood, grapefruit, lemon, orange peel, mango and passion fruit, you can pamper yourself beautiful while donating a valuable share to the Pink Ribbon Foundation.

For all the latest beauty trends and product buys, keep an eye on our Facebook page.

Look great the morning after the night before

October 1st, 2014

Look great the morning after the night beforeWe offer some tips to help you look and feel better after a night out.

Of course living a healthy lifestyle, avoiding alcohol and getting early nights is the best thing you can do to keep yourself looking fresh – but we understand that every now and then a night out on the town is needed.

So, if you had one too many glasses of wine with the girls and you need to look bright eyed and bushy tailed the following day – try these helpful tips:

Take your make-up off before bed

Yes, we know you don’t feel like it – but trust us, your skin will thank you. Even if all you do is use a make-up wipe quickly before bed, removing your make-up will ensure your pores don’t get blocked.

Drink water before you go to sleep

Not only will this make you feel a lot better the next day, drinking a glass of water will help your skin from being too dehydrated. Keep a large glass of water by your bed so you can drink some when you wake up too.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Enjoy a warm shower to wake you up the next morning and follow up with a good layer of moisturiser. Alcohol dehydrates skin, so this is a key step – especially for your face.

Eliminate puffy eyes

If you have time, treat your eyes with some cold tea bags or cold teaspoons to help reduce puffiness. If you have any cooling eye gel or cream, now is the time to apply it.

Keep make-up simple and hydrating

While you may be tempted to apply lots of make-up when you’re feeling a little worse for wear, try to keep things simple. Instead of your usual foundation, try a moisturising BB cream with a dewy blush and a bright lip.

Open up your eyes

If your eyes are looking a little tired, open them up by curling your eyelashes and applying a couple of coats of mascara. Some white eyeliner on your waterline will also help your eyes look more open and awake.

Eat something nutritious for breakfast

Finally to ensure you feel as good as you look, fill up with something nutritious for breakfast. If you can face it, try to include some fruits and veggies and avoid the greasy fry up.

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Your guide to perfect brows

September 26th, 2014

Your guide to perfect browsA simple guide to shaping and grooming your eyebrows.

Thanks to a certain Cara Delevingne, eyebrows are big news in the beauty world – and with good reason. When shaped well, eyebrows can sculpt your face and open up the eye area. If your brows are in need of some TLC, take at look at our definitive guide to all things eyebrows:

Have eyebrows shaped by a professional

When it comes to eyebrow grooming, shaping them well is an essential first step. For many of us, this means visiting a professional. There are several options you can take here, you could get them tweezed, waxed or threaded. Here at Beauty Resource, our favourite method is threading as it is incredibly precise. Once you have the right shape in place you can maintain your brows at home – visit a professional now and again though just to keep them in check.

Which brow shape should I go for?

When it comes to choosing a brow shape, consider your face shape.

  • Round faces look best with angled brows with a high arch as this makes the face look longer.
  • Long faces look more balanced with low-arched brows.
  • Square faces suit thick, bold eyebrows perfectly.

Maintain at home

Most of us opt for tweezing or waxing at home to remove stray hairs and keep brows looking tidy. If you do tweeze, ensure you are using a pair of tweezers that are sharp and slanted. Another tip is to wait until after a hot shower or bath before tweezing or waxing as your pores will be more open (this should make it less painful!).

Add some definition

Whether you have overplucked or have naturally fair hair, using a touch of make-up can really help define your brows. There are hundreds of products out there especially designed to boost your brow – one of our favourites is the Shavata brow perfector (£19.50).

To find a professional offering eyebrow services near you, please use our advanced search tool.

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Get crafty with paper make-up

September 23rd, 2014

Mai Couture’s new paper make-up is the latest beauty trend you need to know about. MAi-couture

Did you know, you can now buy make-up made of paper?

Introducing a range of foundation, highlighter and blush papiers, innovative beauty brand Mai Couture have found a simpler and revolutionary way to apply your make-up!

Forget fussing over blending with your brushes, these light-weight pigmented papers are all about super smooth, convenient coverage and contouring.

They are also talc and paraben-free, making them ideal for all skin tones.

What we love most is the sophisticated, handbag-sized notebook in which the papiers are contained. They can easily be slotted into zip pockets or even your phone case.

As for application, applying make-up has never been simpler!

All you need to do is tear a sheet from the booklet – there’s 50 papiers in each – and press it gently against your skin before rubbing the coloured side in a semi-circular motion. For enhanced depth of colour, repeat this step with added pressure.

Celebrity make-up artist, Mikey Phillips told the Daily Mail: “This trend won’t do away with brushes but it definitely makes make-up on the go and public transport a whole lot easier and quicker.”

Another benefit of Mai Couture’s papiers is that they soak up any oil and dirt, which can leave your skin tone looking uneven throughout the day.

Phillips advises on making sure you choose the right colours – especially for your base – to provide the best results.

If you’d like to try Mai Couture’s paper make-up, you can find a range of products, accessories and gift sets available here.

Would you like to find out more on how to improve your make-up techniques? Check out our Back to Basics blog roll. 

Back to basics – Facial serum

September 19th, 2014

hEverything you ever wanted to know about facial serum, including the skincare benefits and how to use it!

Over the past few years serums have become one of the most lusted-after skincare products of the 21st century.

Despite this, many of us are still clueless about what a serum actually is, what it does and why such pricey little bottles of liquid have become so popular.

What is a serum?

Serums are typically water-based with a splash of silicone to help them glide over your skin. They contain high concentrations of active ingredients designed to help treat many different skincare complaints.

Ingredients to look for include:

  • Vitamin C – UV damage protection and great for brightening the skin. Also helps to reduce the appearance of age spots.
  • Hyaluronic acid – to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Salicylic acid – to penetrate deep into pores for the treatment and prevention of breakouts. 

How does a serum work?

While moisturisers are designed to keep the skin hydrated by forming a protective barrier on the skin’s surface, serums are formulated with small molecules to penetrate the pores and pop ingredients deep into the skin.

How do you use serum? 

Serums should be applied after cleansing and when your skin is still slightly moist. Many people prefer to apply theirs before bed as serums can create a greasy shine. Leaving your serum to soak in overnight will provide maximum benefits.

All you need is a drop of serum no bigger than the size of a 10 pence piece for your product to work its magic, so although serum may be pricey it will definitely go the distance.

What product should I buy?

You should choose a serum that best matches your skin tone. Our recommendations are:

To find out more about how to enhance your complexion and tackle skincare woes, please see our facials page.