The ultimate DIY pedicure

June 27th, 2014

The ultimate DIY pedicureGet your toes sandal-ready with this guide to the ultimate DIY pedicure.

With summer officially in full swing it’s time to swap boots for sandals and get those feet on display. To get your feet ready for their summer debut – try this do-it-yourself pedicure to ensure skin is soft and toes are polished…

Step 1: Soak in water

An important first step to help soften and clean skin, remove all traces of nail polish and soak your feet in warm water. Add a teaspoon of tea tree oil (to banish bacteria), half a cup of Epsom salts (to rejuvenate) and a few drops of rosemary oil (to heal and freshen).

Step 2: Exfoliate

To help tackle dry skin, look for exfoliators with medium-sized grains (e.g. sugar crystals) and moisturising properties. Massage each foot for a couple of minutes, starting at the heel and working your way to the toes and up to your calves. Rinse with warm water.

Step 3: Eliminate calluses

For seriously tough skin and calluses use a specially designed tool like a pumice stone or lava rock. Coat the stone with body wash and lightly scrub tough areas in a back-and-forth motion. Be gentle here, the goal is not to rub your flesh raw!

Step 4: Get toenails under control

Use a clipper designed for toenails and trim nails straight across. Smooth edges using a nail file (glass files are best for this) – slightly curved shapes prevent ingrown nails.

Step 5: Moisturise and massage

After patting your feet dry, smother them in a rich moisturiser created for feet. Give yourself a DIY massage by pressing your knuckles along the arch of your foot. This mini massage will boost circulation and reduce swelling.

Step 6: Add some colour

First, use a non-acetone polish remover to dissolve any cream residue from your massage. Next separate your toes using foam separators and apply a clear base coat – look for a formula that helps to strengthen brittle nails. Once this has dried, apply two coats of your favourite colour to your toes (we’re loving coral colours for summer). To seal the colour fully and prevent chipping, add a clear top coat. Lastly, once your nails have dried, add a few drops of cuticle oil to pump up shine and create a barrier to protect against smudges.

If you fancy treating yourself to a professional pedicure it is important to find someone who is qualified. To find qualified professionals in your area who can offer pedicures, please use our search tool.

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Easy steps to melt-proof make-up!

June 24th, 2014

Easy steps to melt-proof make-up!Summer means lots of sweating and thus lots of sliding make-up, but we have some great tips on how to tackle this common mishap.

The saying goes: “women don’t sweat, they glow” but us ladies all know that this is frustratingly, false.

Unfortunately, no matter how much many of us love the hot weather, it can bring a whole range of make-up disasters we’d rather not have to worry about.

Pimple-covering foundation sliding off your chin when you’re trying to look effortlessly sexy by the pool? Not a good look.

So in order to prevent these slight ‘slip ups’ we have some great summer make-up ideas to ensure you glow like a pro.

Prime it perfect 

OK so it’s old news, but some of us are still behind. Primer is key to long-lasting foundation coverage, and all you need is a lightweight product to get you through the summer months. We recommend an oil-free formula which you should apply to moisturised skin as a base for your concealer or foundation. Why not try Benefit’s bestselling POREfessional primer (£20.41)?

Fix it foundation

If you insist on wearing foundation during the summer, we insist that you use a lightweight, silicone based product that doesn’t clog pores and cause break-outs. Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse Foundation (£7.69) is a favourite among many beauty enthusiasts for its revolutionary whipped formula.

Eye cream craze

Many of us will know sweat and eye-shadow powders are not a great combination. So just like you would bury away your winter clothes for the summer, put aside your powder eye-shadows and start stocking up on creamy formulas. Cream shadows tend to cake less in hot weather and choosing silicone-based formulas will add to their staying power. No. 7 Stay Perfect Smoothing Eyeshadow (£8) is a guaranteed summer staple.

Look to liquid

Kohl eye pencils smudge and slide everywhere when they come into contact with sweat, so be sure to stick to wet, gel liners during summer. Eyeko’s Skinny Liquid Eyeliner (£12) is super easy to apply and stays on all day. Plus, Alexa Chung is a fan!

Choose creamy bronzer and blusher

Like powder eye-shadow, powder blushes and bronzers can be a victim of hot weather. Instead, opt for creamy blending formulas that add a tanned sheen and peachy definition to your cheekbones. You can’t go wrong with Revlon’s new PhotoReady Cream Blush (£7.99) which is a lightweight formula designed for summer-lovin’. For bronzer girls, Topshop’s Glow Stick bronzer (£10) is a beauty must-have!

For more professional beauty tips and advice – which may come in handy for summer celebrations and events – we strongly recommend you check out our professional make-up page. 

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Brilliant beauty uses for boring household items

June 19th, 2014

Feeling the pinch this month? No worries because we have come up with some great ways to be resourceful when it comes to beauty. 

Having too much month left at the end of your paycheck is a devastating realisation – especially when your favourite magazines and beauty blogs are jam-packed with the latest beauty buys and your best eyeshadow has just crumbled all over the floor.

Fear not however, because we have discovered some genius ways to enjoy the best of beauty simply by having a rummage in your kitchen and bathroom cupboards. Keep reading for some brilliant beauty uses for boring household items that will ensure you never look at a banana skin in the same way again!

1) Banana skin

Did you know one of the best teeth whiteners is actually lying in your fruit bowl? Banana skins are great for creating pearly whites. Simply rub the inside of a skin along your top and bottom teeth for around a minute each and leave for around 10 minutes. Then take a dry toothbrush and start brushing. Doing this a couple of times a week can produce whitening results to rival teeth-whitening kits.

2) Coffee

For brunettes, coffee can be more than just a mood boost. In fact, it comes in handy as a rather good natural colour boost – providing a revitalising brunette shine. When washing your hair, pour a cup of lukewarm, freshly brewed coffee onto your locks post shampooing. Leave for 10 minutes, and then rinse and condition.

3) Tea bags

Shaving can be a disaster if your razor blade is a bit dodgy – which can often leave your legs with painful scrapes and bumps. For a quick fix, grab a wet tea bag and gently massage into the sore areas. It will help to reduce the pain and inflammation, and if you choose the cheaper black tea, you can ensure higher levels of rash healing remedy, tannic acid.

4) Vodka

In order to tackle the dodgy razor (above) you should do a Bridget Jones and choose Vodka! If you’ve got some lying around, soak your razor in a splash to not only clean, but provide sharper results. Nifty!

5) Soya milk

This sweet alternative to cow’s milk is bursting full of collagen-boosting goodness (genistein), which means hello plumped-up skin! Soak a cotton wool ball in some of the milk and apply as you would a toner – gently and in small circles. Let it sit for 15 – 30 minutes and then rinse with cold water.

6) Peppermint oil

If you have a tub of peppermint oil lurking in your bathroom cabinet, we recommend you dab a little on your lips for immediate plumpness. Peppermint oil is in fact the main ingredient of most pricey lip plumpers, so you will save yourself a few pennies too. If it’s too tingly for you, add a few drops to your favourite lip balm instead.

If you have any beauty tips you’d like to share, let us know by commenting in the comments section below or contacting us via our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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Natural steps to clearer skin

June 18th, 2014

Natural steps to clearer skinStruggling with congested, blemished skin? We look at ways to help clear skin naturally.

Most people think of acne as a teenage problem, but for many of us this issue can continue well into adulthood. There are a number of products and pills out there that claim to eliminate spots, but many sufferers find a natural approach works better. Take a look at the following tips for clearing your skin the natural way.

Stop eating processed sugar

Our skin is the body’s largest organ, so what we eat can have a huge effect on its condition. Overloading your system with toxins from processed sugar can often materialise as spots. Try cutting out processed sugar from your diet and enjoying naturally sweet foods like fruit instead.

Lower stress levels

Being stressed is another well known trigger for acne. Look at ways you can lower stress levels and take some time to relax. When you are frustrated and overworked, your skin will let you know – so schedule in some downtime when your skin has a flare up.

Avoid harsh chemicals

Products with strong chemicals can make your skin overly sensitive and irritated. Try to swap products you use on your body with natural alternatives to see if this helps clear your complexion.

Use honey as a facial cleanser

Raw, or unpasteurised honey makes for a great facial cleanser. It’s antibacterial and probiotic properties help to reduce breakouts and prevent new acne. On top of this, honey helps to balance oily skin rather than strip your face of natural oils. (note – honey won’t remove make-up, so only use it when your skin is make-up free)

Head outside

Fresh air and a little vitamin D can go a long way in healing the skin. Be sure to use sun protection, but try to skip your foundation to let your skin really breathe.

If you think you need professional help with your acne, consider seeing a dermatologist. For more information and to find a professional in your area – please visit our dermatology page.

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Summer beauty swaps

June 13th, 2014

Quick summer beauty swapsWith the weather heating up, it’s time to take a different approach to beauty.

It appears as though summer has arrived in the UK (don’t shout about it though, you might scare it off), which means it’s time to reassess our beauty routines. Summer beauty is all about easy, natural and radiant looking skin with fun pops of colour.

Take a look at our easy beauty swaps to get you ready for summer:

Swap rich moisturisers for something lighter

The heat of summer can make our skin produce more oil than usual, so (unless you have very dry skin) you may want to put the heavy moisturiser away and opt for something lighter that helps to fight shine.

Try: La Roche Possay Effaclar Mat (£14)

Swap foundation for a BB cream

Having foundation slide down your face while you’re outside on your lunch break is never a good look. Try using a lighter formula like a BB cream that tackles multiple sins at once.

Try: Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream (£7.99)

Swap powder blusher with a cream blusher

Powder formulas can look chalky, so embrace your natural summer glow by using a dewy cream or gel. Remember, a little goes a long way with liquid formulas, so use sparingly.

Try: No 7 Pop & Glow Cream Blush (£9.95)

Swap harsh eyeliner with soft definition

Liquid black eyeliner can look fantastic – but during the day, in the height of summer, it can look a bit much. Keep your look natural and easy by lining your eyes with a softer brown pencil instead.

Try: Soap & Glory The Daily Double Lidshadow & Liner Stick Pencil (£8.50)

Swap wine-hued lipstick for glossy brights

Dark, berry coloured lips are more suited to autumnal palettes, so you may want to try something a little different for summer. Keep it natural with a tinted lip balm or have fun with bright, citrus colours.

Try: Bourjois Paris Colour Boost Lip Crayon (£7.99)

If you want to give your make-up routine a shake up, you may benefit from some professional tips. Search Beauty Resource to find an expert in make-up.

One in five women skip meals to save for beauty products

June 10th, 2014

The Big Beauty Survey 2014 reveals startling beauty habits of UK women.  

A recent survey commissioned by QVC has found that one fifth of women in the UK consider buying beauty products far more important than stocking up on food.

Offering explanation to this startling statistic, is the news that half of the 2000 women polled said they would feel extremely uncomfortable leaving the house without wearing one of their favourite make-up items – particularly mascara and lipstick.

It was also discovered that a whopping 78% of women only feel completely comfortable in their own skin if they are wearing make-up, despite the fact that one in 10 lie about how much they are actually putting on.

Dark secret

It’s not surprising then that 28% of men believe their partner wears less make-up than she actually does. In fact, many women go to desperate lengths to keep their other halves in the dark about their true make-up obsession.

The poll showed that one third of women will deliberately wake up earlier than their partner so they can apply make-up without them seeing, whilst 41% will leave work early to do the same before they get home.

London women were rumbled for being the worst culprits of this sneaky behaviour, and 24% admitted they regularly tell people that they wear less make-up than they do.

Keeping it natural?

Rather paradoxically however, it seems all this make-up is necessary for achieving the desired ‘natural look’, which 54% of us seem to aim for. Close behind is the summery bronze glow.

Bonkers about beauty

So what beauty products are we women going crazy for? The items pin-pointed as the nation’s favourites are mascara, foundation, lipstick and eyeliner, while eye-shadow, blusher, concealer, face powder and lip balm were rated as second best – though still essential.

Cosmetic collections by county

The poll also revealed a stark difference in beauty product behaviour between counties.

While northern ladies have a penchant for lipsticks, liners and bronzer, southern babes are more interested in spending their money on lip balms, concealers and flawless foundation.

If you’re a beauty fanatic and absolutely love finding out about new treatments and products, check out our beauty treatments page, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for all the latest weekly beauty news on our blog

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Get creative with your beauty products

June 6th, 2014

Get creative with your beauty products Find out how your favourite beauty products may prove more useful than you think! 

Bathroom basics and beauty bag essentials are, well, essentials, but did you know they might come in handy for more than just their standard purpose?

Beauty experts have lifted the lid on more creative ways to use everyday products for a whole host of different ailments and beauty dilemmas, and we couldn’t wait to share some of our favorites with you.

See below for some of the most versatile beauty basics out there:


Standard use: To soak up pesky sweat molecules under the arms.

Can also be used to: Prevent blisters.

It’s a no brainer – blisters are very painful, and very annoying. They thrive in moist environments, so can become a particular nuisance in the summer when our feet are sweating in tight shoes. Deodorant is designed to absorb moisture, so by spraying some on your feet blisters will be less likely to form. Simple!


Standard use: To decorate your eyelids.

Can also be used to: Cover up roots.

Struggling to find time to fit in an appointment at the hairdressers to get your roots coloured? Fear not, eyeshadow is a great temporary solution to covering greys and dark bits, and you won’t even need any hairspray. Simply choose a shadow that is similar to your hair, and using a brush dab the product onto your roots.


Standard use: To add extra moisture to your locks.

Can also be used to: Shave your legs.

That awkward moment when you get into the bath/shower, ready to shave your legs, only to find you’ve run out of shaving foam. Well ladies, never again will you have to endure this calamity, for hair conditioner serves as a great alternative to shaving foam, similarly working to soften the hair and lessen friction between the razor blade and your skin. Slather on a 10 pence-sized lump on each leg to ensure the best results.


Standard use: To set your ‘do.

Can also be used to: Set make-up.

If you lust after – but can’t afford – the expensive, long-lasting make-up products, hairspray may just be your new best friend. On film sets, make-up artists will regularly spritz their client’s faces with hairspray after applying their make-up to help keep foundation flawless and everything else in place. Be careful not to spray into your eyes or mouth when trying this trick yourself and be warned hairspray can be quite drying – so limit how much you use it.

Whitening toothpaste 

Standard use: To add extra shine and enhance the whiteness of teeth.

Can also be used to: Get rid of stained or dull fingernails.

Whitening toothpastes are essentially stain removers, so if your nails are looking worse for wear, you may want to give them a minty boost. Dab on a small dollop of toothpaste on your weakened nails and leave for five minutes before rubbing off. You will find them much shinier and cleaner following application.

If you have any beauty tips you’d like to share with us, feel free to comment on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you! 

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Ageing make-up mistakes to avoid

June 5th, 2014

Ageing make-up mistakes to avoidIs your make-up ageing you? Find out what mistakes to avoid for a more youthful look.

Make-up is designed to cover flaws and enhance natural beauty, but we don’t always get it right as we get older. Piling on the products in an attempt to look young could be having the opposite effect, adding years to your appearance. To make sure this isn’t the case, take a look at these make-up mistakes to avoid:

Heavy foundation

Heavy, mask-like foundations can have an ageing effect as they tend to settle in fine lines and make the complexion look dull. Instead, try to stick to sheer formulas that have an illuminating effect – we love Rimmel’s Wake Me Up Foundation (£8.99). Apply with a damp sponge and ensure it is well blended under the jaw and down the neck.

Too much under eye concealer

In a bid to cover dark circles, it can be easy to overdo it on the concealer. But again, much like heavy foundation, too much concealer can settle in fine lines and enhance crows feet. Try using a brush to apply reflective concealers that will brighten the eye area – you can never go wrong with YSL Touche Eclat (£25).

Powder blush

Powder blush can give mature skin a chalky and dry appearance. For a more radiant look, try a cream blusher like Maybeline’s Dream Soft Blush (£6.49). This will keep skin looking nourished and hydrated.

Black eyeliner

Thick black eyeliner may have looked great when you were a teenager, but it may be a bit much now. Dark, ringed eyes can accentuate wrinkles and dark circles, so try a softer brown or navy instead – we swear by L’Oréal Paris’ Infallible eyeliner in ‘chocolate addict’ (£5.19).

Face powder

While we all need a little face powder to help set make-up and eliminate shine, using too much can leave skin looking dehydrated and dull – a very ageing look. Rather than re-applying powder throughout the day, try to use blotting papers instead – try Bobbi Brown’s blotting papers (£17).

If you think you could benefit from make-up lessons, take a look at our professional make-up page.

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How to look great without make-up

May 31st, 2014

How to look great without make-up Let your confidence shine through, even on ‘no make-up days’.

Here at Beauty Resource, it’s safe to say we are big fans of make-up. And while we enjoy having fun with different trends and love the fact that we can hide the evidence of a late night – going make-up-free every now and then is essential and gives our skin a welcome break.

Think about some of the most stylish people in the world – magazine editors, most women in France and even the odd celebrity (we’re looking at you Gwyneth) – they all omit make-up a lot of the time. Showcasing their natural beauty, these women have the confidence to go sans make-up and let their skin breathe.

If your skin is in need of a make-up break, but you would still like to feel comfortable interacting with other humans – take a look at our tips to bare-faced chic:

Take skincare to the next level

The key to looking great without make-up is skin that is healthy and clear of impurities. To help blitz dirt into oblivion, try one of the new facial cleansing gadgets. One of the best is the Bliss ‘Pore’ Fector Gadget, which uses sonic vibrations to remove dirt from the skin. At £140, it isn’t cheap – but when you think of the money you’ll save by not shelling out for foundation, it’ll be worth it.

De-stress with a facial massage

To help improve circulation, ease stress and activate muscles, try a facial massage. If you want a professional’s touch, book an appointment at your local salon – if not, give yourself a facial massage with soothing essential oils.

Don’t forget about grooming

If your eyebrows are perfectly shaped, your nails look their best and your hair is shiny – you will feel just as confident as you would with a full face of make-up. Keep your teeth nice and clean, slick on some lip balm and accessorise with every woman’s best feature – a smile.

To see if a dermatologist could help improve the condition of your skin – please see our dermatology page.

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Back to basics: blusher

May 29th, 2014

Back to basics: blusherAs part of our back to basics series, we look at how to get the most from your blusher.

A good quality blusher is a must-have in any woman’s make-up collection – it brightens your complexion, leaves you looking refreshed and gives your skin a radiant finish.

If you have become a slave to one colour/type of blusher – now might be a good time to go back to basics and ensuring you’re getting the most from this key product.

Blusher types

The first thing to get your head around when it comes to picking the perfect blusher is which formula you want. Blusher typically comes in the following types:

Powder – One of the most common types of blush, powder is ideal for those with oily skin as it reduces shine. To make powder formulas last longer, layer them over a cream blusher.

Cream – Offering a dewy finish to cheeks, cream blushers work well on dry or mature skin.

Gels/stains – These formulas are normally highly pigmented which means you only need a little. These products are often multi-tasking too, so you can use them on lips and cheeks.

Choosing the right colour

The most flattering colour is one that is natural – a good baseline is to see what colour your cheeks go when you are flushed (for example after a workout). If you have cool undertones (if you have fair skin, blue eyes, blond hair) blue-based pinks, rose and plum shades will work best for you, while those with warmer undertones (olive skin, dark hair) will suit shades like coral, peach and bronze.


The way you apply your blusher will depend on your face shape:

  • Oval faces: Apply on cheekbones and sweep towards temples.
  • Square faces: Apply to the apples of your cheeks and blend horizontally.
  • Round faces: Apply at 45-degree angle, from middle of cheekbone to below your ear.
  • Long faces: Apply to the apples of your cheeks and blend towards your ears.

If you think you could benefit from professional make-up lessons, please see our page on professional make-up.

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