You scrub up well…

You scrub up well

Ladies (& gents), the time has come once again for you to dust the cobwebs off that fake tan mitt and prepare the temple that is your body for a jolly good creosoting.

The impending changing of the clocks, the lighter evenings and the milder temperatures are all signs that summer is waiting in the wings. After such a long and cold winter, the thought of bearing your skin for all to see may sound a little terrifying (& possibly slightly premature…it is still only March), but you really do never know when the sun is going to surprise us with the first ‘no tights appropriate’ day of 2012.

So, in the very famous words of the Scouts…BE Prepared – and get the personal admin over with so that you are ready to get those smooth golden legs out at a moments notice.

Everyone knows that the first step to an even and long lasting fake tan is exfoliating beforehand – which will also be great for getting rid of any leftover dregs of dry, flaky winter skin.

Below you can find our top purse friendly body scrubs to help you go from scaly reptile to radiant beauty in the blink of a bath (or shower) – giving you the perfect base to apply your favourite fake tan:

1. Soap and Glory – Flake Away £7

This is a regular best seller from Soap & Glory and it is easy to understand why. Shea butter, sweet almond oil and peach seed powder will transform even the scaliest of skins to silky smooth. The scrub is scented with Soap and Glory’s Original Pink fragrance.

2. Fake Bake Passion Fruit Body Polish £10.65

This polish is aimed specifically at those who are preparing the skin to fake tan after their shower or bath. The polish – which smells utterly divine – is intended to help restore moisture balance to the skin, whilst the natural exfoliators work at making the skin as smooth as possible before tanning.

The great thing about this particular scrub is the fact that it is soap free. Occasionally with some scrubs, body washes or lotions – a film residue can be left behind which makes the tanning process tricky and the tan uneven.

3. The Body Shop – Sweet Lemon Body Scrub £12.50

This scrub smells like summer in a pot. With real lemon seed oil and peel, this is the perfect way to get rid of all of those nasty old dead skin cells leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised in more ways than one.

4. Sanctuary Salt Scrub £11.25

This scrub won the award from Best Body Scrub at the Company beauty Awards 2011, and it was well deserved.

Sanctuary is a spa brand, and in the case of this particular product you do truly feel as though you are getting spa quality at home.

The scrub is packed full of skin polishing dead sea salts wrapped in coconut, jojoba and sweet almond oils – leaving the skin feeling smooth, soft, refined and resurfaced whilst also ensuring that it remains full of moisture.