The art of brushing – why a good hairbrush is so important

Moroccanoil Paddle BrushWith so many lotions and potions on the hair care market making grand promises about transforming our tresses it is easy to forget about importance of the lowly old hairbrush. After all, it is difficult to build anything up without first laying solid foundations, so before you shell out £25 on that bottle of ‘miracle’ hair oil, consider this – are you using the right hair brush?

Let’s face it, hairbrushes are a deathly boring and unglamorous item to spend money on. Why would we want to shell out our hard earned cash on something so practical when instead we could be spending it on deliciously scented volumising, shine enhancing, sea salt, sexy beach wave spray? Well the reason is because a good sturdy hairbrush is akin to a well-fitting bra – it provides a good base on which we can work and it essential for comfort and maintenance.A good hairbrush is sensible investment that in most cases delivers an excellent return, so if you are clinging on for dear life to a haggard, bristle-less, older than your grandmother brush – bin it, and begin the hunt for what will soon be your new best friend.

Really good brushes can get expensive, so it is best to do some research and decide what it is you want from a brush before just picking up any old thing. Here is a selection of our favourite brushes to help kick-start your search:

Blow-dry bounce

If you are looking for lots of lift and volume then investing in something like this 55mm Ceramic Vented Radial Brush (£17.50) from GHD is great for blow drying. Once you’ve got the hang of using this brush, it will give you big bouncy fresh out of the salon hair. The hollow vented ceramic barrel will also help the hair to dry faster.

Smooth and sleek

If your hair is short or mid-length and you are looking for a smooth, shiny and sleek finish then this Shu Uemura Art of Hair Art Tools Small Round Brush (£25) made out of 100% boar bristles is going to be a more appropriate choice for you. The above brush from GHD creates volume and lift from heating the ceramic barrel; this brush on the other hand keeps the hair smooth with the natural bristles.

Tangle TeezerIntelligent brushing

If you have lots of hair then this clever Moroccanoil Paddle Brush (£13.85) could be the one for you. With ionic properties to repel water, smooth the hair cuticle and speed up the drying process, your hair could go from fly away and frizzy to healthy and shiny. This brush also includes a hair parter on the end of the brush. Very convenient and great for women in a rush or on the move.

Tame your tangles

The Tangle Teezer (£10.99) is a favourite among parents who use this to get knots out of their children’s hair. However, it works just as well on adult tresses and delivers pain free detangling and high shine. Also a great size and shape to carry around in your handbag (also available in an even handier travel size).

Happy brushing!