Paul & Joe launch new cat-inspired collection

French fashion brand Paul & Joe has launched a cat-themed makeup range to mark its 10th year anniversary, giving bloggers everywhere the purrrfect opportunity for terrible cat-based puns.

The collection is inspired by founder Sophie Albou’s reputed love for vintage cat prints – something that fits in well with Paul & Joe’s early 20th century vibe, which harks back to the heyday of French cinema and Parisian chic.

Since cats are generally seen as the ultimate symbol of spinsterhood, the move is bold. Fortunately the fashion-house, which regularly serves the likes of Kate Moss and Cameron Diaz, has a good enough reputation to be able to get away with it.

There is a sense of post-ironic comedy in the collection, with its eccentricity fitting in nicely with the recent vogue for cutsie designs and kooky prints (think Cath Kidston).

Ignoring the over-load of cat packaging, the products themselves are pretty good. The Face & Eye Colour Palette for instance, can be used as an eye liner, eye shadow and (for the pink palette at least) a blusher- essentially a whole range in one product.

The overall look of the products once applied is bold, shimmery and vintage. So if you’re feline brave (oh dear), head over to Asos and get your paws on the new cat crazy makeup collection by Paul & Joe, starting from £10.