Lynx Attract – the first ever Lynx spray for women

Body-spray for blokes was always going to need some serious rebranding.

The beauty industry has, over the last few decades, been persistently hacking away at the stereotype that is ‘Man’, in the hope of unleashing a great untapped source of potential customers.

Now the tables have turned to such an extent that male brands are beginning to open their doors to the lucrative female market.

Lynx has lead the way for male body sprays since 1983, with a very simple and effective formula: combine a semi-naked supermodel and a good dose of tongue-in-cheek humour with names like ‘Lynx Dark Temptation Bullet’ and ‘Lynx Africa’, and you’ve suddenly got men queuing at the perfume counter.

Sex sells, and Lynx know this. Unfortunately, the rather blatant objectification of women in its racy campaigns has made the company a few feminist enemies. Last year this resulted in the banning of a stream of seductive ads featuring model Lucy Pinder.

In a bid to freshen up its controversial image, Lynx is now announcing plans to launch its first ever female fragrance.

According to Brand Manager Kieran Danaher:

 ‘Lynx Attract will unleash the full power of the ‘Lynx Effect’ for both sexes and make the mating game doubly exciting.’

Lynx Attract For Her is described as a mouth-watering combination of pomegranate, apple and blueberry, with base notes of musk, wood and vanilla to perfectly compliment Lynx Attract For Him.

After all of Lynx’s hard work convincing men that body-spray isn’t in the slightest bit girly, they now have the tough job of penetrating the already packed-out female deodorant market with a brand heavily seeped in masculine ideals.

The question is- will those vanilla base-notes and the pink girly packing be enough to placate the tough female critics? Or should Lynx stick with what it knows? (Namely Kelly Brooks’ cleavage.)

Lynx Attract For Her will be sold for £3.25 for 150ml. If you would like more information about Lynx Attract For her, check out the Lynx website.