Dior commissions artist Anselm Reyle for exclusive collection

Famed for its cutting-edge approach to haut couture, fashion house Dior has recently announced an exciting collaboration with abstract artist Anselm Reyle.

The German artist has been set to work projecting his unique style onto a range of Dior products, including handbags, sandals, nail varnishes and make up products.

This is not the first time Dior has paid tribute to the world of contemporary art. In 2005, Turner Prize nominee Angela Bulloch was commissioned to create an installation for the Dior flagship store in Osaka, Japan. ‘Androidika Descending the Staircase’ comprised of an illuminated staircase attached to a wall of colour-shifting bricks. Perhaps it was this electric marriage of fashion and modern art that helped motivate the more recent collaboration with Anselm Reyle.

7 years on, and we’ve seen a migration. While contemporary art was once confined to fashion’s backdrops and stage-sets, today we find it moving into the limelight and, as Dior’s new collection proves, emerging as the pièce de résistance- the main star of the fashion show.

Making full use of fluorescent colours and striking contrasts, Reyle has created a collection that is both bold enough for the catwalk, and wearable enough for the discerning fashion fiend.

Although it may be one thing for contemporary art to penetrate the fashion industry (the catwalk is, after all, more of a gallery than a catalogue), surely it is quite another for it to infiltrate the beauty industry?

Of course, this has not deterred Dior. The Dior Anselm Reyle Eye Palette is a perfect example of wow-factor presiding over practicality. It features Reyle’s signature camouflage design, a postmodern take on the material’s original use in warfare.

 The artist explained his choice to Dazed Digital- “Usually the camouflage hides something, but here it’s the opposite – it is very visible because of the signal neon colours.”

If you like your make-up to reflect deeper, philosophical ponderings about human civilization, then head over to the Selfridges store and treat yourself to Dior Anselm Reyle Eye Palette for £72.00.

Although it is pricey, and rather impractical- there’s no denying that it looks amazing. If you have the cash to splash, it might be worth it… if only for the novelty of being able to hold a little piece of contemporary art in your make-up bag.