Expect the unexpected with Tokyo Milk

For something edgy, different and a little darker than your common high-street brands, try Tokyo Milk.

Tokyo Milk is a range of cosmetics, skincare, candles and other ‘curious things’ crafted with originality and wit by designer Margot Elena.

For the beauty connoisseurs among you, be warned that the detailed, vintage style packaging and attention to detail renders each unique product a collectable- so prepare for a little addiction.

There is nothing mainstream about Margot’s range. There is nothing No.7 or Garnier about this. Browsing the Tokyo Milk website is a little like wondering around an old antiques shop crammed with ever-surprising knickknacks and trinkets… you never know what you might find.


Like every curious antique shop in literature, Tokyo Milk houses a dark and dangerous corner only the brave dare to explore.

Introducing the Femme Fatale Collection: featuring luxurious hand-creams, adventurous perfumes and lip-balms with a bite. With names like ‘Tainted Love No.62′, ‘Arsenic No.17′, ‘Clove Cigarette No.18′ and ‘Dead Sexy No.72′, it’s clear to see that this is a range designed to coax out the beautiful beast in all of us.

Despite the dark names and subversive feel of Tokyo Milk, the products themselves reserve the all important feminine touch and smell simply delicious. Featuring blends of mimosa bark, Japanese green tea, dandelion and brazil nut oil among many other ingredients, each product is designed for long-lasting scent and silky skin.

The luxurious packaging and unique, quirky feel of each product makes Tokyo Milk a great place to head forpresent buying.

To explore the mystifying wonders of Margot Elena’s very special brand, head over to the Tokyo Milk website and indulge yourself!