5 step money-saving beauty regime

It’s the start of a brand new year, the mulled wine and mince pie season is over and the New Regimes are beginning.

It’s time for us to load up on salad, hit the gym and start taking care of our bodies. Clarins’ 5-step skin care regime is a perfect way to fight the wrinkles, banish cellulite and smooth dry skin – but, with many of us vowing to tighten the purse-strings this year, such luxury may no longer be affordable.

With budgets in mind, we’ve created a 5-step beauty regime designed to prepare your body for the bikini season, whilst helping you to save money.

Step 1 – Exfoliate


Rather than spending nearly £30 on a luxury exfoliating cream that runs out after a few squirts, we suggest you invest in an exfoliating brush. Exfoliating brushes are cheaper, they last longer and they can prove more effective at removing dead skin cells and improving circulation.

Try the Body Shop ‘Body Brush Round’ for a wallet-friendly £7



Step 2 – Moisturise


After having a good scrub with your exfoliating brush to remove all that dead skin, you’ll need to sooth the fresh skin with a rich, creamy moisturiser. Instead of spending £37 on a luxury brand, choose Dove Body Silk Cream. It comes in a sizeable, long-lasting tub, smells fantastic and leaves skin looking radiant and feeling soft.

You can buy Dove Body Silk Cream for a mere £3.59 at Chemist Direct.


Step 3 – Firm


With weight fluctuation, comes loose and damaged skin. Clarins knows the secret to youthful skin is firmness. No need to spend over £50 on a toning and firming cream, however, when Garnier offers a great alternative for less than £10. Garnier Ultralift Anti-Wrinkle Firming Day Cream promises to smooth even the deepest of wrinkles over a 7-day period.

You can buy Garnier Ultralift Ant-Wrinkle Cream at Tesco for £9.38



Step 4 – Contour



For problems with water retention, cellulite and stubborn curves, Clarins recommends contouring products. Nivea ‘Goodbye Cellulite Gel-Cream’ tackles dimples, smooths blemishes and offers a far cheaper alternative to luxury brands, without compromising on quality.

You can buy Nivea ‘Goodbye Cellulite Gel-Cream at Superdrug for £10.67



Step 5 – Hands


No matter how much you take care of the skin on your face, your hands will always give away signs of ageing. It is important to moisturise them regularly in order to prevent dry skin and wrinkles. Try Nivea ‘Hand Age Defying Q10 PLUS’ and save nearly £15. Although simple, this hand cream promises to smooth fine lines, guard against age-spots and moisturise dry skin – all for under £5.

You can buy Nivea ‘Hand Age Defying Q10 PLUS’ for £3.09 at Lloyd’s Pharmacy