Infusing the modern with the medieval – the Apothecary Essentials Kit from House of Fraser

When I hear the word ‘apothecary’, I think of medieval alchemists pouring smoking potions into decanters, or dark, dusty shelves stacked with spell books. A far cry, then, from the sleek, modern, multi-billion-dollar beauty industry of the 21st century.

…Or is it?

We recently reported news of House of Fraser’s exclusive Biba Zamac ring-

a handy lipgloss hidden inside a statement ring. Now the high street chain has gone one step further and hidden a full (and rather generous) make-up range inside… a book.

Introducing the Apothecary Essentials Kit, exclusive to House of Fraser. This generous make-up collection includes:

  • An exclusive eye palate with a spread of 12 smoky shades
  • A liquid lipstick in a vampy red
  • A shiny lipgloss in rustic rose
  • An oyster pink highlighter for that glowing renaissance skin
  • A black eye pencil for gothic-style eyes
  • Luscious false lashes

All of this, hidden inside an antique-style apothecary’s potion book. It’s the stuff of gothic romance.

Inside the ‘book’ you’ll find the make-up kit hidden beneath authentic pages covered in hand-written notes and pencil sketches – a quirky touch to a very quirky product. In terms of practicality, the make-up trays slide out smoothly to allow for easy access, with no fumbling round in make-up bags. Everything you need is laid out before you.

You can either leave the ‘book’ open on your dressing table, or tucked away in your library! It looks good either way.

The Apothecary Essentials Kit would make a fantastic Christmas present for anyone who wants to add a touch of gothic glamour to their dressing table this season.

You can buy the Apothecary Essentials Kit exclusively at House of Fraser for £26.00