Kalis Skincare Ultra-C Face Cream

Ultra-CThe beauty market is currently completely saturated with chemical laden overpriced bad quality facial products which promise the earth but unfortunately deliver very little of what they say on the tin! So, needless to say when I heard about a natural skincare brand that has been supplying Italian Pharmacy’s for 28 years I was itching to try out some of their offerings.

The first reason I was excited by Kalis skincare is because they appear to be a beauty brand with a conscience: i.e. not telling porky pies about using chemical ingredients but instead focussing their efforts on including as little of them as possible and more of the stuff that we know to be great for our skin like vitamins and oils.

Secondly, if it’s good enough for the Italians…

Italian women are renowned for their excellent dress sense, slim line figures, flawless skin and natural looking make-up – so essentially everything one might wish to be.

Third, fourth, fifth and sixth – the people are nice, the service is personal, the products are modestly priced and they are also not over packaged – all rarities in this day and age.

So without further ado, onto the review…

I have been sampling a variety of Kalis products but the one I particularly want to talk about is the Ultra C face cream with macadamia.

I really struggle to find a good face cream. I have highly sensitive allergy prone skin and eyes and I have had to discontinue use of numerous creams that claim to be fragrance free and hypoallergenic –Body Shop, Simple, Johnsons, Oilatum and Lancome and Clinque to name but a few.

After finding a good face cream that I like and that doesn’t irritate my skin, I have been reluctant to try anything new for fear of shelling out pounds on something that I may only be able to use once or twice before confining it to the bin.

Ultra C however, is designed for ultra sensitive and allergy prone skin. Its designed to fight off wrinkles and to hydrate with it’s bevvy of good ingredients from Vitamins C and E which rejuvenate the skin and help to fight the signs of aging through to Macadamia oil to nourish dry skin.

I’ve been using this cream for over a month now and can say with certainty that it has improved my skin tone and dry patches without causing oiliness. It’s lovely to apply both in the morning and night and makes for a nice make-up base. The packaging is clean, simple and no frills – which in my opinion is all that is needed and the scent is mild, clean and inoffensive.

In terms of price point the cream comes in at £24.50 for 50ml. It isn’t a bargain but it isn’t overpriced by any means either. I’ve been using the product for around 2 months now and am about a quarter of the way through (that’s from using twice a day) which is quite impressive.

Regardless of the price I think the true testament of a product is whether you would actually buy it again, or in this case with your own money, which I most certainly would.

For more information about Ultra C, visit Kalis Skincare to find out more. You may also be interested to know that Kalis are currently offering an October and November promotion of 10% off. Simply enter WINTER at the checkout to get your discount.

Look out for more upcoming reviews on Kalis Skincare.