Paperself lashes – do they make the cut?

Beautiful, elaborate and made of paper, Paperself false eyelashes come in a range of designs, from butterflies and stag horns to peacocks and horses.

Inspired by the art of Chinese paper-cutting, Paperself claims to be starting a ‘paper revolution’. This is a big claim indeed, but one that really is beginning to take hold.

The statement falsies made a stamp on popular culture last week when they were featured on X-factor’s favourite Celtic beauty, Janet Devlin.

From a distance, the eyelashes look like well applied eyeliner. Up close, it’s plain to see that each eyelash is a work of art. Based on traditional Chinese symbols, each delicate design represents something different. The horses represent success, the peonies represent happiness, the peach blossoms- love, the peacock- auspicious and lucky days. The butterflies represent freedom, beauty and sensitivity, and the clown means ‘bring the whole happiness’.

So however you’re feeling, there’s a different design for every day (11, in fact).

If you’re feeling bold and aim to turn heads, you can buy the large lashes for £12 a pair. For a subtler, pretty look, choose the petits – £10 for 2 pairs.

The concept design is by Ting yu Wang and you can find Paperself lashes at the Paperself website.