Will you be getting your ‘Freak’ on this Halloween?

Will you be getting your 'Freak' on this Halloween?Will Illasmasqua’s haunting scent be a hit?

Well Illamasqua certainly aren’t afraid of pushing the envelope are they? After their recent foray into the world of the afterlife, making over corpses so we look our best before departing into our next lives, they had everyone asking what could they possibly have in store for us next?

After a short wait (with baited breath) Illamasqua have revealed their first ever scent, but as expected it is worlds away from the stereotypical floral offerings that fill so many other perfume bottles.

The name of the perfume ‘Freak’ is a welcome departure from the millions of other perfumes out there that seem to be named using marketing and PR buzzwords. Surely women don’t really believe that a spritz of Calvin Klein’s ‘Beauty’ will make them beautiful, or that a misting of Dolce & Gabbana’s ‘The One’ will mean that your dream man will approach you and ask for your hand in marriage?

As with all things Illamasqua, the emphasis is placed upon being different, being expressive and being unique and not upon making yourself necessarily look and smell beautiful – and a very welcome message it is too.

Illamasqua describe Freak as a concoction of dangerously unconventional flowers, which have been blended together to celebrate the night. With notes of Black Davana, Belladonna, Poison Hemlock and Queen of the Night, it’s sure to make for the most interesting perfume in your collection.

Illamasqua have also steered clear of a conventionally ‘pretty’ perfume bottle, instead opted for an edgy and interesting design which manages to capture the essence of the scent quite well from an outside perspective. The bottle looks like it could have been carved from black onyx, and with the addition of a small silver snail slowly making its way up the angled side of the bottle, the whole thing looks like it could have just been pulled out of the ground.

Freak is available for purchase now and is priced at £59 for the 75ml eau de parfum, with ‘trick or treat’ time just around the corner, why not ‘treat’ yourself to something a bit different this Halloween? You can pick up Freak from Selfridges online or in store.