Coco Chanel launches male fragrance for women

Chanel Jersey, previously worn exclusively by men, has recently been relaunched for a female market.

It introduces the new Les Exclusifs de Chanel collection.

Described as “evocative of a meadow lush with lavender” with a “tender trail of Vanilla and Musk”, this new fragrance infuses a masculine product with a feminine touch.

Blurring the boundaries between male and female perfumes is a bold risk by Chanel, and one that encapsulates the brand’s Avant-garde image.



Born from the heart of early 20th century Parisian glamour, Chanel has always embraced modernity whilst remaining exquisitely understated and poised.

The new Chanel Jersey fragrance evokes the brand’s golden age- 1920s hedonism, glamour, cocktail parties and decadence- while introducing a sleek 21st century touch.

This is the fragrance for women who are unafraid of making a bold statement, women who dare to embrace Jersey’s solid, masculine past.

Jersey is prominent reminder that, nearly a century on, Chanel continues to preside effortlessly over the global fashion kingdom- and will continue to do so indefinitely.

Chanel Jersey is available to purchase in 75ml or 200ml Eau de Toilette .