Beach chic summer hair

Beach chic summer hairThere are tonnes of sprays out there which claim to turn you into a wavy haired just stepped out of the ocean beach goddess but I have found the Lee Stafford offering to be my favourite.

This product is definitely not for everyone and from the reviews I have read it seems to me that it can cause greasyness in certain hair types and also can be completely useless for others.

My hair type is layered, thick and naturally wavy. I use this spray to even out my waves, to spruce up hair which hasn’t been washed in a couple of days and is looking a bit flat, or when I put my hair up for added texture.

This product works best for me when used on dry hair and though Lee Stafford recommend you use a staggering 50 spritzs, I use a maximum of about twenty on the lengths and ends of my hair and apply nothing near to the roots.

The spray makes my hair soft, shiny, nicely fragranced and textured and though it is a little on the pricy side it’s a summer and winter essential that I know couldn’t live without.

If you would like to try Lee Stafford’s Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray you can pick it up from Boots for £7.49