Malika Signature Facial

I was recently invited along to Malika’s flagship salon to try out their signature facial treatment. Upon arriving at the small but perfectly formed Westfield branch I was asked to fill out a form which would give my therapist Sejal a clear picture of my skin type so she could select appropriate ‘products’. I use the term ‘products’ loosely because nothing which was used actually came from a bottle and instead was a combination of natural and fresh ingredients, some of which were prepared prior to my facial and some after I had submitted my skin type card (there was a short wait, during which I was offered a drink).

Sejal recommended aloe vera, milk, honey, banana and a plethora of other ingredients which would make a great smoothie for my hypersensitive skin. Each of the carefully selected products were applied in stages to my skin along with head, neck and shoulder massages, and at each stage Sejal kept me well informed about what was being applied and how it would work to cleanse my skin.

This facial is certainly different to the others I have had before, and I have to say I am a convert to the Malika way. Anyone can squeeze some expensive generic face cream out of a tube and massage it into your face, but the therapists at Malika rightly believe that everyones skin needs something different and this is what they deliver.

It might be a slightly different experience to a heavily scented candle lit treatment room with whale music in the background, I mean at one point I closed my eyes and Sejal sounded like she was trying to hack her way out of a forest with a machete (thankfully she wasn’t, she was actually squidging fresh aloe vera out of a leaf and mixing some milk into a blend of Indian herbs -around 90), but the effects this facial had on my skin were far more noticeable and long lasting than others I have had.

Just before leaving Sejal sealed in all of the goodness into my skin with aloe vera and advised me not to apply products or make-up for a minimum of 48 hours. This seems to have worked as two weeks down the line my skin is still clear and looking great!

For further information and a full treatment list you can visit the Malika website here.

Side note: Malika also specialise in eyebrow threading and after my facial Sejal offered to tidy up my brows. Having never tried threading before, obviously I leapt into the chair and my goodness what a difference! In less than five minutes the shape of my brows had completely changed and in the two weeks since then I have only plucked out two tiny hairs! Sejal’s top tip for anyone who has over plucked their brows is to apply a mix of 50% olive oil 50% caster oil twice a day to stimulate growth.