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Winter nails are all about cranberry reds, racing greens, stormy greys and a myriad of other deep and gorgeous colours which reflect the season. However, though we love the dark fingertips and tootsie trends that emerge during the colder months, come Spring time and our nails are often left brittle and discoloured.

After months of applying dark colours you could find that your nail bed is stained and discoloured and if you have recently had acrylic or gel nails removed you may also find your natural nails are left brittle and chipped. If this is the case then the best thing to do is to snap up a conditioning nail treatment. There are lots of great ones on the market but we love Fill Me In from The Nail Doctor, as not only does it eliminate ridges, lines and discolouration, but it also works at strengthening the nails and keeping them moisturised.

You can use this product alone for neutral nails, or if you really can’t live without a splash of colour then use this as a conditioning base coat before applying colour, making sure it covers the entire surface of the nail bed.

Fill Me In is priced at £7.14 and is available from Boots online or in store.