Rimmel – The Max Bold Curves (£6.69)

Rimmel The Max Bold Curves Mascara Rimmel The Max Bold Curves Mascara

Rimmel’s most recent mascara offering comes in the form their new Max Bold Curves formula which promises 40x volume and 70 per cent lift all thanks to their new mess free clump free formula and the new bold lift brush which features perfect fit technology (apparently this means the bristles are flexible and lift each lash whilst coating them perfectly).

It all sounds rather impressive doesn’t it? But does this mascara actually do what it says on the tin or is it to be tossed into trash?

Now I’ve never been one to get excited over a novelty mascara brush and I would take a bog standard straight bristle number any day over a curved, combed or 3 way wand. Needless to say I let out a sigh when I whipped out this wand to find that it was ‘curved’ for the purpose of creating extra curl.

Well ladies, I wouldn’t be ditching the eyelash curlers just yet because this mascara and it’s special wand did not perform well in the curl department. Volume yes. Curl no.

Brush fail aside the formula of the mascara itself was average. Though it does stay on for a good length of time before flaking, the formula is quite sludgy and can cause clumping if you’re not careful.

Though this mascara didn’t really work for me, I’m fully aware that other mascara junkies love it, and I can see why. It’s relatively inexpensive, long lasting and gives great volume for someone who already has fairly long lashes. However, for me and my short and stumpy lashes, it didn’t quite cut the mustard in the length department. I think I’ll be sticking to my Lash Accelerator for now!