Boots No7 – Intensive Moisture Face Mask

If your skin is in need of a hydrating winter treat then this face mask from the No7 range could be just the ticket. The gel cream formula contains vitamins A, C and E plus apple extract to brighten up the complexion.

No7 Heavenly Hydration Moisture Mask

I’ve had my eye on this product for quite some time, admittedly the main attraction for me was the rather exciting packaging which is transparent allowing you to see the very pretty swirly gel cream formula inside…simple pleasures.

Anyhow, the price tag of £14 initially put me off but upon discovering a very crumpled but nevertheless still in date £5 off Boots voucher in the depths of my purse, I decided to take the plunge.

As someone with very dry and sensitive eczema prone skin I like the fact that most products in the No7 range are both hypo-allergenic and fragrance free, including this face mask. I have tried various other face and body products from the range and have always had really positive results and zero protests from my skin.

The product itself is a whipped gel cream formula which when pumped out is neither to heavy or rich. The instructions suggest leaving the mask on for 3 minutes for a moisture boost and 10 minutes for an intensive treat but after experimenting with using the product in various different ways I have discovered that my most favourite ways of using are as follows:

  • Once every one to two weeks I will apply a thin layer of this product to my face and neck before bed, leaving a large product free area around the eyes to ensure there is no seepage. I will then go to sleep and let the mask do its magic over night. This is a skincare step which I use more during the winter than in the summer, just because it really helps my dry skin to stay well hydrated and supple in the cold.
  • Again, during winter if my skin is feeling especially dry I have been known to use this as a general moisturiser. I’ll use about half a pump to spread a thin layer across my face and neck, leave for a minute to let it sink in, massage in the excess and apply my make up as normal. It makes a really smooth base for make up application and I feel as though its working throughout the day at keeping my skin moisturised.
  • No7 Heavenly Hydration Moisture Mask

  • Throughout winter there are a few particular areas of my face which become particularly dry and flaky, for instance, the forehead, eyebrows, chin and occasionally around the creases of the nose. My everyday moisturiser never seems to work at shifting these patches but this face mask is a miracle worker. Around twice a week I will pop a thick layer onto these areas alone and will just leave it for however long it takes to sink in.
  • This is really a winter wonder for me and should the bottle ever run out (it seems to be lasting forever despite regular usage) I would without a doubt pay full price to repurchase.

    You can pick up No7 Heavenly Hydration Moisture-Mask either in store or from the Boots website.