Skin Doctors – Supermoist SPF30+ Accelerator £24.95

Dream cream or disaster?

The clever clogs over at Skin Doctors describe their Supermoist moisturiser as fast absorbing, hydrating and light weight with added SPF30 to protect your skin from the suns damaging rays.

In addition to this it is also designed to be suitable for all skin types, combines skin illuminators with light reflecting particles to give a radiant appearance and it essentially hopes to help maintain a youthful complexion.

Rather excitingly the cream contains the anti-oxidant rich desert plant Myrothannus Flabellifolia, otherwise known as the ‘resurrection plant’ which when in its natural habitat uses a complex survival system which helps it to avoid death in environments where prolonged periods of draught are followed by intense rain (not that dissimilar to England then!).

Anyhow, this cream is promoted as being a fantastic way of keeping skin supple, protected and youthful during summer, but because we only got this cream in October we threw caution to the wind and began testing it there and then. So what it all pumps down too is does it do what it says on the tin? Read on to find out what our tester thought:

Skin Doctors

Tester: Debs

I used this product twice daily after cleansing both morning and evening. Only a small amount is needed for a good even coverage.

The cream itself was thick and heavy in consistency but despite this it absorbed quickly and did not leave behind a greasy residue.

The packaging didn’t really scream luxury although it was very simple and fresh.

Did you notice a difference in you skin?
In week one the most noticeable difference was in the feel of my skin. It felt quite tight after applications which I liked because I felt as though it was actively doing something to firm my skin. Though I can’t say I noticed a difference on a week to week basis, after four weeks my skin definitely feels firmer the fine lines on my face are less visible.

Would you buy this product again?
Though this cream doesn’t come in cheap it is definitely accessible and affordable when you look at the staggering prices of other moisturisers. Considering the difference it made to my skin and the fact it also doubles up as a sun screen I would definitely repurchase this product!

Visit the Skin Doctors website here and to purchase Supermoist SPF30+ Accelerator please click here.