MACs Venomous Villains Collection

Bad has never looked so good…

Dr. Facilier - Pigments left to right - Melon, Brash of Bold and Push The Edge - all £15 Maleficent -Nail Laquers Left to Right -Bad Fairy, Formidable, Mean Green - all £8

MACs limited edition collections have been so frequent, lacklustre and troublesome to pick up of late that we had actually began to lose interest in all the gimmicks and have instead been focussing our attention on the very underrated main line.

Well it would seem MAC read our minds (or their crystal ball) because they have gone ahead and released a Disney collection which pays homage to our favourite dastardly characters and reminds us that we all have a dark side, now what girl could resist a bite of that apple?

The Venomous Villains in question are Snow White’s Evil Queen, Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent, Cruella De Vil and the frightful Dr. Facilier from Disney’s latest The Princess and the Frog.

The stand outs from the collection have to be Maleficent’s Nail Lacquers – Bad Fairy (Orange and red) – Formidable (Purple and teal green) and Mean Green (green and purple) all of which feature multi changing pearl, giving you a different effect each time you paint your nails.

We also love virtually all the lipglasses especially Wicked Ways (light nude with gold pearl) and Devilishly Stylish (Dark fuchsia featuring pink pearl), both from the Cruella collection and obviously they are already sold out online (as are all the nail lacquers) making climbing Sleeping Beauty’s tower or finding a frog prince genuinely more possible than getting hold of any of the above.

Evil Queen - Bite of an Apple powder blush £17 Cruella De Vil - Devilishly Stylish lipglass £13

Despite the sell out of many stand out products the entire collection is actually very strong and relatively wearable. We love the Maleficent lipglasses, the Cruella shadows and the Evil Queen powder blush and we will definitely be picking up some items for their quality and not for their ‘exclusivity’ (though we must say the packaging is a bonus!).

Take a look at the collection and order online from the MAC website here.