Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara

How many times have we read ‘longer, fuller, lusher lashes’ on the packaging of the latest mascara & shamelessly skipped to the tills to buy it, only to find unsurprisingly that it makes absolutely no difference to our lashes?

We have all succumbed to the advertising monster at some point and are slightly ashamed to say we did not learn from our mistakes and got very excited when we heard about Rimmel’s latest offering, the rather epic sounding ‘Lash Accelerator Mascara’.

Lash Accelerator incorporates an exclusive Grow Lash complex which promotes the appearance of long and strong lashes. Consumer testing revealed that the testers lashes instantly appeared up to 80% longer and with continued use (one month) they found that their lashes were fuller, stronger, lusher and up to 117% longer. A whopping 88% of the women also reporting seeing a higher volume of lashes and longer lashes within just one week of usage.

Of course we were itching to get our hands on this product and were all lucky enough to have been given a tube prior to its release date (1st September) and have now been using the product for three weeks. Well as the saying goes, the proof is in the proverbial pudding, so here is what we found:

Emma: Upon opening the mascara I found the wand to be long and slim in shape and not overloaded with an excess of product, a promising start. As someone with very short, thin and pale eyelashes, I was very apprehensive about how this would work for me. Usually I opt for a double ended mascara with primer then colour to give thickness and length and did not imagine this mascara would create the long, full effect I like. However… upon application I was pleasantly surprised to find my eyelashes were looking a lot longer. After a second coat the length and look was even more intense and though I didn’t measure them can pretty confidently say they looked a good 70-80% longer. After three weeks of using this product every day I am very happy with the results as even without mascara my lashes seem much thicker and longer and seemed to have prolonged my eyelash perm too. Whats more the mascara has shown no signs of drying out and happily lasts all day with no smudging or fall out. Will definitely be purchasing this again when this tube is bone dry!

No mascara

First day

Week three

Emily: Emily also concurs with much of the above, her only improvement would be making the brush a little thinner. Despite this she still loves the product and felt so confident with her new longer lashes that she even ventured out the other day mascara free!

Rimmel Lash Accelerator is available in two shades: Black / Black and Brown and is priced at £8.99

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