The Beauty Industry’s Ugly Side

Have you had a bad experience at the hands of an untrained beauty therapist? A new television pilot is to investigate the dangers of unregulated beauty therapy and invites you to get involved.

As it stands the Beauty Industry is largely unregulated meaning it is not required by law to register with any trade or professional bodies to practice and work within most areas of the industry. Unfortunately this means that almost anybody can purchase products and equipment and set up shop ready to offer services to clients who think they are receiving treatment from a qualified professional.

This can lead disastrous and often distressing results, especially in cases which call for more technical procedures. This is why it is always best for you to be aware if your Beauty Therapist is properly qualified for all of the services they are offering.

In order to help you feel safe and assured that your therapist has received the proper training, professional associations and websites such as ours exist to give you peace of mind. Beauty Therapists can choose to register with these professional associations which check qualifications and insurance of each potential member as well as requiring them to comply with a code of ethics. Beauty Resource carries out thorough checks to ensure that all professionals listed on our directory have receiving appropriate training and hold the appropriate insurance.

If you have had a bad hair or beauty experience and would like to help in making sure it doesn’t happen to others then then Optomen Television are making a non-broadcast pilot which hopes to spread awareness of the dangers of unregulated beauty therapy. To find out how to get involved read on:


Did it happen recently, and are you still suffering from the consequences?

You might have suffered hair loss or breakage, burns, infections or skin damage at the hands of a hair or beauty practitioner. Or maybe you haven’t suffered any physical damage, but your hair or beauty treatment has left you embarrassed to leave the house.

Optomen Television is looking for stories for a new series that aims to educate the public about the dangers of unregulated salons, and we want to hear about your real-life experiences.

If you’re still carrying visible evidence of your shoddy treatment, then please e-mail or call 020 3227 5946.