Lash Rescue

Have you been abusing your eyelashes with too much mascara, false lashes and a myriad of other eyelash ‘enhancers’? If so we have just the product to get you back to your blinking beautiful self.

Every women dream’s of having long and luscious eyelashes, the kind that could melt hearts with just one flutter, yet very few of us are lucky enough to be living that dream!

In an attempt to enhance what god gave us, many of us shamefully succumb to covering our lashes with coat upon coat of mascara, gluing on falsies or popping out to the salon to have extensions put on.

The beauty market has also recently experienced an upsurge of eyelash growth products, with some small lash enhancers costing in excess of £100. July 2010 saw Boots release the long awaited RapidLash Enhancing Serum, with a waiting list in place even before it’s release RapidLash promised to increase lash length by 50% for the relatively reasonable price of £39.99.

With such a huge array of lash enhancers currently on the radar it would seem that one unassuming product slipped through the net. DHC’s Eyelash Tonic doesn’t promise to give you 100% thicker 100% fuller and 100% longer lashes, but what it does offer is deep conditioning for our maltreated peepers.

The conditioning gel formula works at strengthening and protecting weak lashes against breakage, helping them to look thicker, fuller and longer.

Ingredients are completely natural and botanical, incorporating aloe which softens, ginsing which nourishes and comfrey which soothes and whats more the serum is completely fragrance free, colourant-free and non-comeogenic. All the components of a luxury high end product but for only £7.

The tonic is to be applied as a base before mascara application in the morning and is to be applied again at bedtime. You can pick yours up now from the DHC website.