Rimmel London Lasting Finish Fruities Collection

We love painting our nails just as much as the next person, but what we don’t particularly love is the potent aroma of wet nail polish wafting up the nostrils.

Rimmel London have recently released a small collection of scented nail polishes, so wave bye bye to the smell of acidic pear drops and say hello to fruity loveliness. Though on the surface scented nail polish may send out babysitters club, sleepover and boy talk-esq vibes of our days as adolescents, we can assure you that they are in fact very grown up!

Though Rimmel press pictures seem to show a larger range, both their website and all of the stores we have raided only stock four colours: Apricot Punch, Cranberry Zest, Lemon Drop and Strawberry Fizz, all of which are aptly named to describe their scent and colour…clever indeed.

We were itching to try out Lemon Drop, after swooning over this seasons ice cream, pastel shades this pale creamy lemon colour was the first on our list.

Scent wise this polish definitely delivered a fruity lemon fragrance upon application and drying but after a day of wear it was very faint to almost non existent.

In our eyes this isn’t a negative as though we love the fruity scent on application, we would rather not have to fight the urge to lick our fruity finger tips.

After reading extensive reviews many have commented on the longevity of the scent, perhaps meaning it is something that differs from person to person from bottle to bottle depending on various factors such as how many coats applied and topcoat application.

For a completely non transparent colour Lemon Drop required 3 coats and though the finished effect was lovely we do have to report some minor chipping. Top coat next time!

We can’t wait to get our mitts on the other three colours and at just £3 a bottle will be stocking up on the remaining 3. Pop down to Boots or Superdrug to pick them up now.