Waterproof cream eyeshadows

What would we do without waterproof mascara? It’s long since been a staple in the lives of women, saving them from many a make up disaster, so we are elated that French makeup brand Make Up For Ever have finally filled the waterproof makeup void by creating a range of delicious crease free waterproof cream eyeshadows.

Contrary to popular belief, waterproof make-up is not just for swimming and holidays. Think about the way your make-up melts in the blistering summer heat, how your mascara runs when you have a teary fight with your other half and how your make-up looks a little lacklustre after all night clubbing with friends. Waterproof make-up ensures things stay exactly where they are meant to!

A new system has been developed which sees film forming polymers coat the colour pigments in the shadows in order to make them waterproof as well as helping volatile oils stay in place as opposed to evaporating.

The shadows can be applied using your fingertips or with a brush and can be removed with the same products used to take off waterproof mascara.

The eyeshadows are available in 22 shades, all enriched with mother-of-pearl particles and most of them can be used on lips and cheeks too.

Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Cream collection will go on sale at Sephora in June. You can sign up for the retailer’s Beauty Insiders program to test the new shadows now.