Summer body scrubs

Sweet Lemon Body Scrub £12.50

This scrub epitomises summer with its luscious lemon scent., in fact you will probably want to eat it! It is gentle enough to be used once every couple of days and will leave the skin soft, smooth and supple. Of course it is made entirely of community trade products too so you don’t have to feel guilty whilst you are indulging yourself.

L’Occitane Organic Olive Gentle Body Scrub £14

We all know that olives are good for you in any which way you use them. Well L’Occitane has popped some into this delightful body scrub to hydrate, protect and revive the radiance of the skin. This scrub is great for sensitive skin as it produces a light foam which is great for delicate skin types. The magic ingredient in this scrub is the olive kernel powder which is what gets rid of those nasty dead cells, making it perfect as a pre tan exfoliator.

Caudalie Crushed Cabenet Scrub £21

This scrub has a coarse texture and it is actually designed to help boost the circulation and combat cellulite. If you are feeling a little shy about revealing all at the beach this summer then this will have your body in tip top shape. It smells delicious and did we mention its essential oils help to aid slimming and contouring?