Sienna X eXtremely natural self tan

This heavenly scented tanning cream has been championed by the likes of Rachel Stevens and Lisa Snowden, both of whom have utterly covetable tans. If you have been searching for a natural looking, good value, nice smelling, streak-free fake tan with ease of application the Sienna X should be at the top of your list.

If your wondering why you haven’t heard of it then it’s because it is a relatively new product to hit the market. It initially started as a spray tan cubicle company back in 2004 but has developed over the last 2 years to become a major force within the industry, with a high media profile and huge fan base.

This tan is really easy to apply. It does have a colour guide which shows you where you’ve been but unlike other high end products with this feature, it doesn’t leave your sheets looking like you’ve dragged them through a muddy puddle. Once you’ve applied your tan (with a mitt) just wait 8 hours for the natural looking gorgeousness to develop and then jump in the shower, give yourself a rub down and pat dry.

Even more impressively this tan has an anti-cellulite formula which will help to tone and smooth your skin with its extensive list of natural ingredients including green tea, kiwi fruit extract and sweet almond oil among many more. The whole Sienna X range is also completely paraben free and the company try to source products locally where possible.

Extremely natural self tan from Sienna X is available directly from their website for £19.95