Grow old gracefully

A recent beauty article in the Times pointed out just how fabulous Sophia Loren, aged 75 was looking last week when promoting a new television biopic about her life, showing all women the art of aging gracefully.

The wonderful thing about Sophia Loren is that she does not try to disguise her age, but this is no reason for her to suddenly stop dying her hair, stop wearing make up, stop taking care of her skin and stop bothering to wear clothes that suit her figure.

Here are some recommendations from the Times for mature skinned beauty’s:

-Macs Blush Ombre is Azalea brings a very flattering rose tint to the cheeks.

-Terry’s Or de Rose Elixr Extreme is pricey at £105, but only a small amount is needed to bring a matt yet luminous glow to the skin.

-Matt is better than shine on older skin. Sparkly make up will accumulate in lines and draw attention to them.

-Always use a moisturiser with UV protection and make sure to use it on your neck and other exposed areas.

-Try not to sleep on your side as this encourages creases which will eventually settle into wrinkles.

-Remember that simple techniques such as wearing sophisticated neck scarf or a turtle neck top, will hide the parts of you that show the most age.