Treat your hair to some fudge

…No, we don’t mean smother your barnet in the extremely sweet confectionary, although what we propose is equally as delicious.

Fudge Ends Miracle Smoothing Treatment For Silky Ends £13 describes itself as a miracle treatment for hair and never has a truer word been spoken.

Fudge are experts in haircare and have mixed together everything that is great for your hair and packed them into a little test tube. The blend of proteins will mean moisture for parched locks and because the formula focuses on healthy ends, the treatment will prevent them from drying out and causing those dreadful spilt ends.

If your hair is really in need of some tender loving care then begin to incorporate this treatment into your everyday haircare routine. Once the locks have got a bit of zest back then you can keep this clever little potion for a once a week treat to maintain your new fabulous hair.

You can pick this product up from most hairdressers retailing Fudge or alternatively you can order it from the comfort of your own home, just visit ASOS.