Garnier Anti-dark Circles 2-in-1 Roll-on


Following on from the success of their Caffeine Eye Roll-On, Garnier have upped their game and have brought a new rollerball eye de-puffer to the market. Garnier Anti-dark Circles 2-in-1 Roll-on can be used whenever dark circles appear and is designed to be applied in circular motions from inside towards the temples. There is also a rather exciting addition of concealer! It is about time too. What with tinted moisturiser and concealer eye cream soon all of our beauty essentials could come in one big multi functioning tube! The 2-in-1 eye care formula will be applied automatically via the roller ball and can be gently blended with the fingertips as if it were a regular concealer.

The moisturising eye cream and cooling rollerball refresh and hydrate tired looking eyes and its mineral enriched pigments help to cover dark circles. It comes in 2 shades to perfectly adapt to your skin tone, the first for the fair skin beauties and the second is perfect for medium and dark skin tones.

This product was so eagerly awaited it actually had a waiting list the length of a new Chanel bag, but as we know, the proof is in the pudding so does it actually work? Well 4 out of 5 Boots customers seem to think so and have coined it ! ‘THE anti dark circles MUST HAVE’ Well it must be true if they used caps lock! Get down to Boot’s and grab yours for £9.99 now and we will see you on the other side (eye bag free)!