Home detox with Body Boutique

patch factor

If you feel like you have consumed enough food and alcohol over the festive season to last you a life time and that sluggish feeling is getting the better of you then it is probably time for a body spring clean.

Body Boutique launched their home natural detox programme ‘Patch Factor’ back in 2004 and it has been an absolute hit ever since. Patch Factor is an easy to use detox patch which is designed to detoxify your body and restore good health all whilst you are sleeping. It sounds easy peasy and it is.

The kit includes 10 patches for a 5 to 10 day programme and the treatments are based on elements of acupressure, reflexology, fair infrared energy, essential oils, crystal healing and the use of poultices to create a product that is safe when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.

The benefits of Patch Factor is a simple and stress free detoxification programme. It aims to soothe the relief of strains aches and pains and has even in some cases improved circulation and respiration among many other positive aspects.

Detoxing is great for the mind and the body but it can often be difficult to maintain among the other stresses and strains of working life suddenly slipping from top priority to the bottom of the pile. Patch Factor makes the process a little easier to carry out although, we are certainly not saying pop a patch on then eat a chocolate fudge cake, obviously you need to do your bit, but every little helps!

Patch Factor is available from ASOS and is priced at £19.75