Have a magical Christmas with Lush


Each Christmas Lush make it their mission to bring us a plethora of new and exciting seasonal Christmas products. In their own words they have put on their explorer hats and scoured the globe for Yuletide myths and fairy tales in order to come up with their 2009 Christmas collection. Here are a few favourites:

Santa’s Rice Porridge £6.45
is a gentle face mask which revives tired and stressed skin during the run up to Christmas. As usual it is made with totally natural and organic ingredients and it smells so good you will want to eat it.

Sexy Boy £4.95 is a deliciously melty massage bar just for Christmas. It is in the festive shape of a gingerbread man but unfortunately you can’t dunk this one in your tea. Feel comforted by the scent of lime oil and the deep scent of cocoa.

Strawberry Santa £2.95 is an jolly upgrade of the popular Lush bath jelly. The jellies are particularly refreshing if chilled in the freezer and Lush recommend that you chill your strawberry Santa till it is as cold as the North pole before you use him.

You can find the rest of Lush’s seasonal delights instore or online.