Boot’s Survival Kits

dancing queenSuper MumThe Big Match

Christmas activities require some serious stamina, from serious shopping and dancing all night to looking after a rabble of toddlers and trying to get a good nights shut eye. Luckily the clever people at Boots agree and have created five different survival kits to help you come out the other side with a smile. Each kit contains a number of different items to help you get through the day.

Dancing Queens is just what a party girl needs to stay on top. The energy plus tablets and effervescent tablets will help you keep a spring in your step and the Gorgeous Feet Soft Step Ball Foot Cushion and softening foot lotion will help soothe your feet after a night staggering around in 6” heels.

We also love the Super Mum survival kit, containing things such as body and massage oil for unwinding, gummy bear multivitamins for healthy toddlers, earplugs for that important quiet time and a relaxing music CD to help yummy mummies unwind at the end of the day.

For men there is The Big Match survival kit containing cooling headache packs to speed up post match recovery. Deodorising shoe spray for stinky football boots. Plasters for any cuts and bruises and red and yellow cards to show the household whose in charge.

Other kits include the Serious Shopper kit, man flu kit and the  Restful Nights kit. All are priced at £8 and are currently on Boot’s 3 for 2 offer. Snap yours up now for a personal, thoughtful and fun stocking filler.