Mirror Mirror


The compact mirror is a serious piece of equipment for women. A women leaving the house without her compact mirror in its rightful position in the inside pocket of her handbag is like a knight charging into battle without his sword. Unfortunately though, we tend to see the compact mirror as a necessity and therefore forget it can also be a luxury item from which we can gain pleasure.

Les Tai Tai have come up with a nifty little idea which will make your ordinary boring old compact skulk of into the box of your unused make up never to return. Les Tai Tai describe their Model Mirror as the ultimate power tool for women. It has 8 embedded LED lights on one of its two mirror faces which light up at the touch of a switch. Too much eyeliner and wonky lippie that’s been hastily applied in a dim lit club or restaurant toilet will be a thing of the past!

The Model Mirror is priced at £20 and is available in a range of different quirky and fun designs. Our personal favourite is Butterfly Me to the Moon, with its pretty black butterfly silhouettes on a white background. Each Model Mirror comes in a sleek black box and includes a Model Mirror chamois cloth and separately packaged 23A12V battery. You can purchase this product from Les Tai Tai online or from Selfridges.