Avon Calling!


Cleansing is the foundation of every skin care regime and should form part of your morning and evening routine. This is why it is essential that we have a really good and effective cleanser.

Avon have formulated two new great cleansers. What’s great about this product is that Avon have realised that our skin requires different care in the morning and evenings so they have provided us with two cleansers, one for the a.m and one for the p.m.

The a.m cleanser comes in a cooling gel form and deeply cleans the skin without drying it out. This leaves the skin looking refreshed and smoothed and ready for you to apply make-up. The P.M cleanser is a nourishing cream which works to remove all traces of tough waterproof make-up without having to scrub your face or stripping away your skin.

Solutions maxim a.m/p.m cleanser also comes ready for two different skin types. The radiance version is for those with normal or combination skin and the moisture rich is more suited to those who suffer from dry skin. It is priced at £5 and is available from the Avon website along with the other products from the solutions range (all of which are very good and make an excellent daily skincare routine). Or you could purchase these products straight from your local Avon lady!