Gorgeous Feet


Considering that our feet carry around our entire weight and hardly ever get a rest, we probably don’t take as good care of them as we should.

We need to pay extra care and attention to our tootsies throughout the winter because they can often become cracked and sore if we don’t look after them properly. There is a number of excellent foot pampering products out there but a particular favourite is Boot’s Gorgeous Feet. In preparation for Christmas Boot’s have compiled a lovely little gift set (£8) to give our hardworking feet a good overhaul.

The set includes a soothing foot soak, a foot scrub and a deeply intensive moisturiser all of which you use in succession. All of these products are available separately but it works out cheaper to buy all three together and this really is a great little kit.

Start out with the foot soak, just adding a small amount to a bowl of warm water and bathe your feet for 10 minutes. This will soak, soften and cleanse your feet and will prepare them for the next step, which is the gentle scrub. Ideally use this everyday to start with to smooth problem and hard skin areas. After this you can use it on a weekly basis to prevent the hard skin build up and maintain smooth healthy skin. The deeply intensive moisturiser is the last step and you should apply this to clean feet before bed and then let it soak in overnight.

Boot’s Gorgeous Feet Pamper Trio is proced at £8 and is available online or instore.