Classic beauty favourite gets a makeover

Eight hour skin protectant creamElizabeth Arden’s eight hour cream has long since been a legend among women. Created in the early thirties to soothe skin, the cream became an instant success with its effective combination of petrolatum and vitamin E. Miss Arden famously used it to soothe her thoroughbred horses’ legs, and if it’s good enough for a thoroughbred, it’s good enough for us.

After soothing many a chapped lipped and a bevy of sunburnt knees and shoulders, it has rightfully earned its place in the handbags of many women around the globe. To celebrate, Elizabeth Arden have released limited edition 60’s print versions of their classic eight hour protectant cream and lip balm.

The cream is £10 and comes in a handbag friendly 30ml size and has all of the original healing qualities as before only the revamped vintage style packaging will make you go weak at the knees.

The lip balm also comes in at £10 and includes spf15, which is essential for those summer holidays!

All products are available from ASOS