Molton Brown's Skin Saving Ultrabalm

Molton Brown UltrabalmWhatever stresses and strain your put your skin under this summer – sun, sea, wind, rain (if you’re staying at home!) or no skin care routine for 4 days (Glastonbury et al!), there’s only one product you need to restore it to it’s former health – Molton Brown’s Ulltrabalm.

Both Vogue and Marie Claire are currently singing it’s praises for fixing up any skin dilemmas and being the ultimate when it comes to battling the elements.

Being Molton Brown it contains only natural products, including African desert plant extracts and a lotus flower complex, and soothes, conditions and hydrates damaged skin.

It costs £25 for a 50ml tube, which should be enough to last you all the way through the summer. It’s available from the Molton Brown website now.