Moisturiser- Don't Leave Home Without It!

Let’s face it, the number one beauty product this week has to be the humble moisturiser – the absolutely essential item to shove in your bag – along with 6 pairs of gloves – before venturing out.

So here’s a few favourites that will do the job and fit perfectly into your bag.
The super sleek Super Moisture, from thisworks helps lock in moisture as well as adding it. At £34.26 it’s not the cheapest, but you’re guaranteed results, and it also protects your face from environmental stress – which sounds ideal at the moment!

Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream, £8 from the Body Shop comes in a sturdy pot, and glides on easily over make-up without clogging pores, and can also be used with water as a facewash.

Finally, Simple’s Replenishing Rich Moisturizer is only £3.21, so you can afford to have a few stashed in several places. Specially designed for sensitive skin, it doesn’t contain any perfumes and is non-greasy.

So if you’re braving the elements, make sure you take a trusted moisturiser with you! And your wellies!