Purple Haze

Purple is most definitely the buzz colour for this season and it applies to everything – clothes, jewellery, accessories, and yes make up. If you want to do the purple trend with a bit of subtely and in an unusual way, the check out Benefit’s new BadGal masacra in, you’ve gussed it, plum.

The tried and tested BadGal formula will add volume and separate your lashes, and the plum colour will give them a nice warm look, so it’s perfect for everyday wear and evening wear. If you don’t want to completely indulge in plum, then why not try just adding it it to the tips of your lashes for a subtle hint of colour, or just use on lower lashes combined with a plum eyeliner.

Benefit’s BadGal Mascara in Plum costs £14.50 and is available at Benefit counters nationwide.