Benefit's Boi-ing

Benefit Boi-ing ConcealerThere are some days when a normal concealer just won’t do the trick, or it doesn’t last long enough. So that’s why the clever people at Benefit have created Boi-ing, an industrial strength concealer. It’ll hide dark circles, blemishes and discolouration, and more importantly Boi-ing will hide them all day, as it doesn’t crease or wear off.

Simply dab it on to the offending areas with your fingertips or a brush and blend in with the rest of your makeup to achieve perfect and flawless skin.

It’s available in three different shades, light medium and deep, and simply apply more or less to suit your skin tones.

Boi-ing is available from Benefit counters or online from Debenhams. Remember – it’s industrial strength – for extreme situations only!