Model. Me

Toni and Guy have recently launched their Model Me. hair collection which, you’ll be glad to know, unlike some Toni and Guy products, is being made available for sale immediately from Boots stores. The collection of shampoos, conditioners and styling products are designed and created by three incredibly Glamorous women whos hair is an inspiration to women across the UK. This is without a doubt Toni and Guy’s most exciting mainstream product launch yet.

The three women chosen to help design the collection were British model and style icon Erin O’Conner, Helena Christensen – the beautiful Danish supermodel and chart topper Jamelia. The girls where chosen not just for their different looks and appeal but for their wildly different hair texture and styles.

Each girl played a key part in designing the product from choosing what would be in their collection down to the smell of the products. Erin has light textured hair which gets greasy easily. To combat this, her range includes the amazing Quick Fix Dry Shampoo – a supermodel’s must have. Helena and Jamelia have developed products to make their long sexy tresses look like they are tip top condition at all times. Goodies on offer include Movement Balm and High Gloss Blow Dry Liquid. Watch the clip below to learn more about the exciting new range or go straight to the Boots website to look at all the products.