Eyelash Transplants?

Eyelash TransplantIf you spend every day applying false eyelashes and think your real lashes deserve a break from all the glue, you could opt for an eyelash transplant. Yes you heard correctly, this is actually available.

Hair is taken from the head, separated into individual follicles and attached permanently to the eyelid next to your real lashes. Each hair is implanted one at a time with a needle then curled carefully ensuring they grow in the same direction as your originals. Apparently the procedure is common with trauma patients and has been used for many years, but now people are paying $6000 to have fuller lashes just so they don’t have to wear as much mascara!

Sounds ridiculous if you ask me but then I’m not really surprised, the world gets crazier and crazier every day, I find it hard to keep up! Read the full story at CBS News.

Via Smarter Blogs