St. Tropez Tanning Kits

I have tested tanning kits for many years now, from daily moisturisers such as Olay Everyday Sunshine to longer lasting brands such as Fake Bake. I have finally come to the conclusion that St. Tropez is by far the best product for my skin type. It smells good, spreads well and the kits come with an exfoliator, moisturiser and bronzer in one. The best thing about it in my opinion is that even though you’re supposed to put in on, leave overnight then wash off, you can also put it on just before you go out (not quite as heavily!) and it will give you a great tan for the evening. You just have to pray that it doesn’t rain so you don’t go streaky!

For me it is the best tanning product around and I’ll never bother with another tan again – unless it’s a salon tan obviously. You can buy the kit or individual products at or visit the St. Tropez Website for more information.