SunSublim – Make The Most of The Sun

SunSublimWe all know that too much sunshine is bad for your skin, but what if there was a way to get a great tan without going in the sun for too long, well now there is! I have just discovered SunSublim, a new supplement that prepares your skin for tanning and makes the most out of the short time you do spend in the sun.

The pills are packed with antioxidants and nutrients that activate skin colouring and protect your skin from sun-induced ageing. Sun tan lotion is obviously still a must as the pills do not protect your skin from burning.

So if you’re sick of sunbeds and have tried every fake tan product under the sun SunSublim could be something worth testing. I’m going to take the supplement before I go away this year to see if they really do work.

Available at Boots for £14.99 or see the SunSublim Website for further information.