Tip Of The Week

FoundationFor a flawless complexion you’ll need to start with a good skincare regime. Using cleanser, toner and moisturiser every day will make a huge difference to the way your skin looks and will also affect how make-up looks on your face. Make sure you choose products suitable for your own skin type (e.g. dry, combination, oily etc.) and try out a facemask every so often for an extra boost.

When it comes to choosing a foundation, make sure you get both the colour and texture correct. The colour should be tested on your jaw line and you’ll need to base the texture on your skin type. You may want to use a foundation primer before applying the foundation to help your look last longer and also to help blend the make-up evenly on your face.

After applying your foundation you’ll need to use concealer to cover up any spots or dark bags that your foundation missed. Go for a concealer a shade lighter than your foundation and you’ll be left with a much fresher, youthful look. Use loose powder to set the look and finish it all of with touch of blusher for a sunkissed glow.

A flaky, patchy complexion will now be a thing of the past!