Makeup Brushes

Any makeup artist or beauty consultant will tell you good makeup brushes are probably one of the most important things you will have in your makeup kit. Anybody still using those little sponge tip applicators should bin them now.

You could spend a fortune on brushes, there are so may different types all doing different jobs, and they aren’t cheap! Not good ones anyway. If you can save up it’s well worth spending a little extra and getting some good quality ones. These will last longer, the hairs will be real which will pick up the product better than synthetic plastic bristles, and the hairs won’t fall out.

The main brushes you need are: a large blusher/powder brush pic 1 £25.00 (no.129); a blending brush pic 2 £19.50 (no.224), which can be used on the eye for blending colours and also for cover up under the eye or around the nose; a shader brush pic 3 £16.50 (no.242) which you use for putting on the colour to the eyelid; a small angle brush pic 4 £12.00 (no.263) to use as a way to line the eye using eye shadow, and finally; if you use a cream foundation then a foundation brush pic 5 £25.00 (no.190), which will give you a much smoother flawless uncakey finish than a sponge will.

MAC do amazing brushes, they are expensive but well worth the money, they are real fur, but the animals are just shaved they aren’t hurt I’m told, for all you animal lovers (the photos are all MAC brushes). If you can’t stretch that far then I have found Cosmopolitan brushes sold in Boots or Superdrug are really good value and a lot more affordable.

Make sure you clean your brushes and look after them, they will pick up bacteria causing breakouts, you can get a brush cleaner from MAC for £7.50, or shampoo or liquid soap will work just as well.