Lulu's Time Bomb Skincare Range

A few years ago, I read an article that said as we get older some people get a little lost or stuck in a rut and want advice on how to put their outfits together. Their advice was to think of a celebrity that’s around your age and someone that you admire, then, copy their dress sense, hair style and make-up etc. – their whole look. Lulu was my inspiration. Though a little bit older than I, she looks totally amazing for her 56 years (she looks at least 20 years younger) and I have got some stylish ideas from her over the years!

The New Skin Care Range

Yesterday she was on the shopping channel QVC with her new skincare range: ‘Lulu’s Time Bomb’ so I switched on at 8pm to have a look. The products sold out within minutes of Alison Young (the presenter) describing them and to be honest, you just had to look at Lulu sitting there absolutely glowing and radiating beauty to want the products yourself. I couldn’t decide on what to have first but sadly, I couldn’t get anything.

Although Lulu admits to having Botox in the past, she now only uses the new range, which she says has taken 3 years to perfect. She obviously eats well and exercises regularly but then so do I and my skin doesn’t look like hers!! I just couldn’t get over how youthful and toned her skin looked. She certainly does have something to SHOUT about!!

The range consists of Cleansing Cream, Polishing Pads, Day Cream, Eye Cream, Night-cream and a trial survival Pack of consisting of 4 of the products ranging from £12.00 to £30.00.

I have been on the website this morning to place my order and can’t wait for it to arrive!